Mexican Pizza

My sister told me about this website that she found on Pinterest. After hearing that she made a delicious Mexican pizza, I knew I had to check it out. However, I was a really bad blogger and I did not take a single picture of it. Probably because I was too excited to indulge in this delicious meal!

Here is a picture from the site: 

I linked the picture to the original recipe.  I varied mine a little bit. First, I was at Walmart and I could not find any corn tortilla's. Next time, I'll go to a real grocery store. This was just the most convenient at the time. I put a combo of provolone/mozzarella cheese on the bottom, then I added tomatoes (I seeded them while chopping because I knew I didn't need all of that juice everywhere!) and Bush's Black Bean Fiesta beans. Typically, I would use corn, beans, etc. But, I was starving so I went for the easiest option.

I drained most of the juices off of the beans so I wouldn't make anything soggy. That would suck, right?! Then, I sprinkled a little more cheese on top to keep it all together. I added the oregano. I didn't do the olive oil. I think mine only had to cook for about 8 minutes. Probably because of the flour tortilla.

Ladies, this was seriously delicious! I've considered using some refried beans as the "sauce" and maybe adding some hamburger or turkey burger with taco seasoning. A margherita pizza would be delicious too. Basically, the possibilities are endless! I hope that you try this recipe. It is incredibly easy and will definitely be a crowd pleaser. I bought the smaller tortilla shells so it's like a little personal sized pizza. This could be great if you have kids that are picky eaters. Each child could choose their own toppings and make their own pizza.

Have any of you tried any great new recipes lately?

If any of you out there are about to encounter a heat wave like we are, be safe! Today is our last day of somewhat cool weather before we are set to hit 100 degrees tomorrow. And by somewhat cool, I mean we are supposed to hit 90 today. I have to say I really loved the 81 degree day we had on Monday! I'm going to be putting my outdoor running on hold for a few days. It's already hot enough when I try to run at 6 on typical day but this heat wave would be unbearable. Stay cool out there ladies!



  1. Looks yummy! And it's been really hot here also. It's supposed to be around 110 degrees for the next WEEK.

  2. Oh my goodness, why have I never tried this. Looks so yummy. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my new maxi. xo


  3. Yum, that sounds SO delicious! I love finding new recipes. I'm your newest follower :)

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