Friday Favorites...The Blog Edition

I haven't purchased any new products lately so I don't have a lot to blog about. I was brainstorming last night and decided I would revamp the Friday Favorites here on JASTGB (longest acronym ever...quite possibly!). I've decided to feature one or two of my favorite blogs. Now, if I get some great new products that need to be brought to your attention, I'll put this little change on the back burner. This week I'm going to feature a blog I have been reading for quite some time. Basically since I started blogging as well as a new blog. Ladies, I read a lot of blogs and try to stay up to date on all of them so it might take a while to get to yours!

I want you to meet Anna over at Fash Boulevard!

I love Anna's style. She is adorable and witty. Anna has introduced me to so many new brands and she has a serious love for accessories. She isn't afraid to speak her mind about a Fash Fail and rave about her Fash Fave of the week. She is also the guest blogger on Lauren Conrad's blog. You have to check it out! Oh and she recently got married. Her wedding was nothing short of amazing. If you don't follow Anna already, you should probably get on it. She's on Twitter, Instagram and and FB too!

On to a newer blog that I have been loving as of late.

Katie over at Lady Million has recently started blogging. She's a college student with great style and lots of tips! As she develops her blog, she has been posting blog design tips, etc. Such a great idea. Maybe she can save someone a little time and effort! She also does a great segment where she compares designer brand make-up products to pharmacy store products. I have agreed with everything so far! Her love for all things Sephora and Starbucks won me over. Seriously, a girl after my own heart! Oh and she is a Bachelorette fan. Check her out on Twitter and Pinterest!

Alright Dolls, that's all for today! If you know of any other blogs I should feature or that I definitely should be reading, please let me know! I'm always down for checking out something new.

By the way, my BR order came in yesterday. It took a day. I didn't pay the extra for the 3-5 day shipping since I was going to meet the free shipping, which meant 7-9 days. I will never pay for the shipping again! That was so freaking fast! LOVE LOVE LOVE my new items! I can't wait to wear them and give you an OOTD.

Have a great weekend ladies! My mom, grandma and I are taking the twins shopping for Flower Girl dresses! Be prepared for photos on Monday. This could be a real treat. My sister just doesn't have time to make another 5 1/2 hour trip so we're going to have her on standby via iPhone. The last time my grandma took them to look there was a meltdown because the dress everyone liked didn't have a matching American Girl dress. Reagan was not a fan and sobbed. She really just wanted that American Girl dress. Pray for better results!


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  1. oh my goodness, you are too sweet. This totally made my night. Thank you so much, hun. You're the best! xo