Friday Favorites

Some Friday Favorites for you! I feel like I haven't done this in ages.

First is my Vera Bradley business card holder. This is currently tucked into my handbag so I have plenty of cards at my disposal during the conference!

I've raved about my Tervis before. But, lately I have been drinking lots of water. I don't think I'm drinking as much as is recommended but I'm trying! I'm up to about three 24 oz glasses a day. Thank god for the Tervis that keeps it so cold for me! I have even cut back dramatically on my coffee intake. I actually prefer water with a little lemon juice in the mornings now. What has happened to me?! Don't get me wrong, I'll be all over a Starbucks if I can but the Keurig hasn't been getting a lot of use lately. Maybe I just need some new flavors to spice things up. 

Lastly, I tried on the white Sperry's while at Dillard's over the weekend. I cannot stop thinking about them and how adorable they would look with my watermelon J Crew chinos. I have a problem folks!

Do you have anything that you are loving this week? Any new purchases that have you totally obsessing over them or are you just window shopping and dying for a new pair of shoes like me?

Have a great weekend Dolls! I'm hoping for a safe and painless flight back tomorrow. Lots of stops and my parents are actually meeting me in Chicago and driving me back to Ohio. It's only about a 5 1/2 hour drive and I was going to have to sit in the airport for 7 hours before catching my flight back to Dayton. No thanks! Dad was not ok with that scenario so my parents are taking a weekend trip to Chicago and then driving me back late Saturday night. Ugh! If I didn't have a meeting on Monday, I would be taking it off!


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