Email Coupons

I get emails everyday from my favorite retailers. J Crew. Banana Republic. Sephora. Gap. Victoria's Secret. New York and Co. The list goes on and on and on. Yesterday, I got one from BR. There was a secret code that could get me anywhere from 30-50% off of any two items. I learned the hard way that this did not include "new arrivals". I found my 2 items and plugged in my code. I wasn't sold on buying anything until I found out that I was getting 40% off. So, I searched some more and found 2 reasonably priced items. I only spent $50 which I'm cool with. I typically hit up the BR Outlet because let's face it, I like to get some bang for my buck. My choices:

Each photo links back to the website...in case you're interested! Let's hope these items live up to my expectations! I'm pretty excited about the crocheted top. Let's hope it fits me well. BR's petite section totally rocks my world. It's one of my favorites. I go nuts in there. This is why I'm saving up some cash for a massive outlet mall trip. I'm in need of some new work clothes!

Back to the incessant emails. I try not to read them the majority of the time. Mainly because I have to use all of my will power to not go after that awesome skirt on the J Crew sale page. I tend to fail...more times than I like to admit!

Do you get tons of emails from your favorite retailers too? Or did you block them because it was just too much to handle?

Have a great Thursday Dolls! This week is going by rather quickly. I'm ready for the weekend. However, I know I'll be busy. Oh and we got the greatest news at work yesterday. Our university is switching from quarters to semesters next academic year. Because of the transition they are closing the university from Christmas to New Years as a thank you for every one's hard work and patience. With weekends included, I'm getting 8 days off. That just made an Ohio winter a whole lot more bearable!



  1. Great picks! I don't get many emails from stores, but maybe I should sign up. That's a good deal!

  2. That crochet top is SO pretty! I get SO many emails too - I delete most of them, but they are good reminders of when the sales come around :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. I am right there with you - I get SO many emails, and unless I have had my eye on something in particular *try* to delete the temptation immediately before my will power fails! Those two choices are great - I love that basic tank... such a versatile piece!

  4. My inbox is constantly flooded with those same emails. I have to restrain myself from unsubscribing with the fear I might miss a really awesome deal!