Dresses and Cover-Ups

My sister and I were shopping at Target a few weeks ago before the shower. We ended up finding our BM shoes there. I of course am wearing 5 inch platform wedges and the other girls are wearing flats. This should even out the height differences! While we were there, I was dying over several dresses and cover-ups. I can't get over how cute their stuff is right now. I thought I'd share some of my favorites for you.

I didn't select any of the high-low or maxi dresses. Mainly because I struggle to pull these trends off despite my intense desire to wear them. This 4'11" frame just ends up looking like a child playing dress up in her mother's clothes!

On to the cover-ups...

This is high-low...but it's made for the beach so I find it acceptable! :)

I saw the last cover-up while in the store and I told my sister I NEEDED it. It's incredibly light weight. I recommend checking them out. Also, their swim section was fantastic. I didn't have the time to try any on but I have a feeling I will be back there soon to check them out again! I highly recommend checking out your nearest Target for great dresses, swimwear/cover-ups and sandals. I'm considering getting my teal sandals in Pink and Nude!

Have a great Wednesday! 



  1. I love Target. Those are some amazing dresses and cover ups you've found. I love the peach dress and the second cover up the best.

  2. Great post - I am heading to Target on my lunch break today, so I will definitely have to swing by the swim section.

  3. I adore Target! I swear I can't get out of there without buying something new. It's so hard to say 'no' when the prices are so good and the styles are so adorable!


  4. that first dress is my favorite! it has a tribal like feel that it big right now this summer ;)
    xo TJ

  5. Adorable selections! I especially love that pastel chevron sundress at the very top :)