Bridal Shower part 2

Here is the bridal shower in photos. Jes did a recap as well. She has some great photos! She was nice enough to send me copies of the tables set up outside because I failed to do that. Total blogger fail!

The absolutely delicious cake. There is a local woman that makes all of our cakes. Lauren's one major request was that we have one of her cakes. Seriously, we would have been fine with no decorations on the top because it just doesn't matter when cake is that good. I'm eating a piece right now. The cake looked great though! 

The table before we put the pasta and bread out. We ended up lining the back of the table with the vases and flowers. 

More of the monogrammed cookies I made. I thought there would be some leftover. Nope, we had 5 cookies left. Crazy! They must have been good. I don't think I even had one!

Gift Bingo. If you've never played, you fill in the boxes with what you think the Bride will get prior to her opening her gifts. If you're smart about it you put everything you bought plus things you know were already purchased on the registry on the same line so you can win! We gave the sugar scrub that I showed you yesterday to the winners. I made these boards myself in a word document. I just made a table and adjusted the size of the boxes until I got the size I wanted. I also change BINGO to BRIDE because I'm clever like that! 

I got my sister a monogrammed Marley and Lilly beach hat. I think they're pretty awesome and so does Jes!   

She also got a "Mrs Webb" hanger for her wedding dress. You can get them on Etsy. I think they're a great bridal gift. I've even seen them as a bridal party gift for the BM dresses. So many options! I didn't get anything for Nik! I have something up my sleeve that will probably be more appropriate for him.

Working hard on her ribbon bouquet. It's pretty ugly. We're hoping she gets more ribbons at her shower with Nik's side of the family. Those long Bed Bath and Beyond ribbons were difficult to work with!

Cutest flower girls ever?!?! Quite possibly!

This is a random shot but I wanted you to see my entire outfit. Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Target, Watch: Invicta, Nail Polish: Dear Diary... by Sephora by OPI

Here are the pictures that Jes sent me...

I still absolutely love the tables. These Ikea Lanterns are awesome. They really held up to the wind.

There you have it...my last Bridal Shower post. I'm proctoring exams all afternoon and most likely finishing off the first book in The Hunger Games series. It took all I had not to pick up the book last night but I knew I needed to save it for my hours of silence! Have a great Tuesday! 



  1. Soooo, I'm going to need you to come to Columbus in August and throw my sister's bridal shower ;) Everything looked amazing!

    I may steal your shower gift idea. And could you email your bride bingo to me? You have inspired me.

    Off subject, but baby girl will most likely be Teagan Noelle :)

  2. I really love that beach hat! What a unique gift idea.

    1. Thanks Emily! Every girl needs a beach hat on their honeymoon so I've started buying them for everyone. My cousin's wedding was in Key West and she actually wore her's to the welcome dinner. There are so many options so it's easy to customize it to every bride.

  3. oh my goodness, so fun. Love the hat. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my new outfit post. xo