Beach Babe

I wish I was on the beach. Actually, I wish I lived within walking distance of the beach. The beach at the lake down the road does not count. I'm talking waves, salt water and warm temps year round. Until I win the lottery, get up the nerve to relocate or marry someone that insists we move to the beach...I will day dream. Just because I'm not lounging in the sand does not mean I don't need a cute bikini for Summer time poolside gatherings. Here is what I have my eye on...

All photos are from Victoria's Secret. (Except for the last two, obvi!)

I think I really want something neon but I also love the ruffles. What are your thoughts? Maybe looking at these models will make me get my butt outside to run today. Yep, it's happening. 

Oh and just because I love the Reds and think Joey Votto should be my husband...

If you've been living under a rock and have no idea who the hottest 1st baseman in baseball is...

...and because this picture is just awesome. 

We're going to a Reds game the weekend after my birthday. So, friends...let's make a meet and greet happen, K!!

Happy Wednesday Dolls!



  1. Girl I wish I lived at the beach too! (Or near one...)



  2. CUTE blog!!

    Ps. Definitely following you! =) Would love it if you could do the same. <3 <3


  3. Love the mixing and matching bathing suits - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. It's absolutely pouring in my city today so I really wish I was at the beach! Those suits are all so cute (but not as cute as that first baseman)!


    1. I can almost guarantee the attendance has gone up since he joined the team! It doesn't hurt that he's actually good and that his new contract will keep him around for 10 more years!

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