Award Show Fashion

The CMT Awards were last night in Nashville. I didn't get to watch it but I'll probably try to watch it online while preparing the materials for next group of students today. (Seriously, assigning ID #'s and bubbling in surveys is mind numbingly boring...I need something to keep me awake!) I did check out the fashion though!

I just had to comment that of course Toby Keith is carrying a cup on the red carpet. I'm surprised it's not a red solo cup. 

Oh Carrie...you can do no wrong in my eyes. She always has the right amount of sparkle! Her hair and make-up look amazing too. Well done girl! Seriously though, your legs...I need mine to look like that. That vegan diet is treating you well!

I love when we get to see Mr. and Mrs. Fisher together on the red carpet so I had to share! 

Kristen Bell was co-hosting the awards. I really like this dress just not on her. I think it washes her out. It does nothing of her completion and you can't tell where her hair ends. I wish she did something else with her hair. It looks like it was air dried and they thought "this is a great look, let's just leave it". 

Ok, Sara Evans. Let me start with I think you are an amazing woman. Your body is ridiculous and your legs just might be up there with Carrie's. However, I hate this dress. Carrie did the sequins in a great way, this looks like something a girl would wear to an 18 and up club. It pains me because I really like her. 

Jana Kramer won me over on One Tree Hill. I've heard a few of her songs and I actually like them. I wasn't sure if she would actually be any good. Because let's face it, is it fair that she's gorgeous and an actress, oh and now she can sing too?! But really I like her and I think this dress is pretty. Nothing wowing or over the top but she looks great. 

Jordin Sparks also looks pretty. I think this color is great on her. She's still young and I think this dress is fitting. I tend to forget she was only 16 when she won Idol. 

I think this is a very Kellie outfit. She's her own woman. I always loved that about her. She wasn't afraid to be who she was on Idol and I think that's why she stuck around so long. I love her shoes!! I'm kind of indifferent about the dress.

Well there ya have it ladies! Oh and I took pictures of my outfit last night after work but after my run and getting settled I was just too tired to edit them. You'll probably get it next week. Have a happy Thursday! The weekend is almost here. I have agreed to do a 5k on Saturday to benefit The United Way. I'm definitely not ready to run an entire 5k but we'll see what happens. Jenn promised we would get breakfast afterwards. It's really the only reason I agreed to do this to myself!



  1. Good for you running that 5K! I think my favorite was Carries. Jordan Sparks looked a little to renascencey for me.

    1. Thanks! I just saw Carrie's performance dress. Very similar to the red carpet look. But, I'm a sucker for sequins!

  2. I agree with you on Kristen Bell - love the dress, just not on her. You are spot on all your reviews. Good luck with the 5K.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement ladies! I'm predicting a slow time and hoping I beat it. I have a strategy but we'll see how long that lasts. The competitor in me gets out there and thinks she can do more than she can!

  3. I'm convinced that Carrie is absolutely PERFECT! She always looks amazing. I want to be her :)

  4. Carrie Underwood looked Amazing! She did the sparkle trend just right (and I've seen it done SO wrong), and of course her hair and makeup were flawless as well! She has some of the most enviable legs I've ever seen!!! haha.
    I have a beauty giveaway going on at the moment if you would like to check it out! :)



    1. Jacy, I'll definitely check it out! I agree some people do not know how to handle the sparkle trend!