This has to happen...TODAY

Jenn and I are going shopping this evening. I have to buy a Bridal Shower dress. Seriously, the thing is next weekend. I have put this off long enough. I have compiled a list of LC Lauren Conrad dresses at Kohl's. I'm hoping I have luck. Our Kohl's sometimes doesn't have a huge selection of her dresses so let's all cross our fingers that I find something. There is no alternative. I will be in TN this weekend and I can go shopping in Nashville but I really really really don't want to have to put my sister and Jes through that! Here's what I'm liking...

Ok, so my favorites are the asymmetrical floral, green, navy and yellow. I was dead set on the peach with the polka dots and pleats. I didn't try it on but I did hold it up to myself and it did not look promising. So, we shall see how this all pans out tonight. Knowing myself, I will come home with none of the above. If Kohl's fails me I have TJ Maxx as a back-up. However, you never know what you'll get there! Ladies, help me out. What is your favorite?? All of the pictures link to the site, if you're interested!

Oh and it is going to be 90 degrees in Ohio this weekend. I'm preparing to melt during this outdoor shower next weekend. For real. Why so hot?! 75 would be ideal but I'm sure it will be a scorcher. I should probably scratch any dress with cap sleeves, let's be serious that won't be cute after a few hours in the sun!

Alright Dolls, have a happy Wednesday! I'm so happy this week is almost over already!



  1. What a cute selection!! I love the yellow dress - it just screams summer. Good luck - can't wait to see which one (if any) you end up with.