I'm getting my butt in gear!

I told you that I was making it a mission to use the month of May to get my butt in gear. Well, so far so good! I actually started on Monday so I'm a day ahead! :) Here are some of the workouts I've done so far.

Of course, all of these came from Pinterest! This mini workout actually got my heart pumping. My arms were even a little sore the next day, as were my thighs from the squats. I did this on Monday. I'm easing into this whole working out again thing. I don't want to be so sore I can't move! Which is generally what I do. I think I can run 3 miles when I haven't done anything in months. I then have to remind myself that I'm no longer working with the same 16 year old body that ran XC. 

Tuesday I was short on time so I did these exercises. I definitely want to incorporate them into my ab routine. This was a new pin that day so I thought I would try it out. It was definitely a slack day but the workout I had planned to do involved a lot of pushups and my arms were already sore. Plus, I couldn't go outside due to the monsoon like rains we were experiencing. Being outside during Tornado Watches just isn't my thing!

Last night, I walked Coop, dropped him off and continued to walk another 20 minutes. Coop is an old man and it was incredibly hot yesterday so I didn't want to push him. He lasted a whole 12 1/2 minutes. Poor guy! We usually finish our walk with a few laps on our road until he is pulling me towards the driveway. We did one lap and he was walking up the driveway. Nearly 90 degree heat is too much for that old man. I ended up walking 35 minutes total with the last 20 being relatively fast paced power walking. I walk fast on a regular basis. People find it hilarious that my little 4'10 1/2" self can walk that fast! So, when I power walk, I'm definitely moving! I came home and did some crunches, planks, and a few other ab moves I remember from P90X. I was definitely sweaty and thankful for the AC because it was so humid yesterday!

I plan to walk Coop again tonight and hopefully I'll find another circuit workout to do afterwards. Are any of you committing to get your butt in gear?! Or are you already one of those people that works out on the reg? I used to be one of those people. Then, I got lazy and when I was ready to start up again I knew my surgery was right around the corner and there was really no point in putting myself through pain when I would be out for the count for a couple of weeks month. I'm feeling great already! Gotta get in Bridesmaid mode...the wedding is just over 4 months away! Have a great Thursday Ladies!



  1. Very nice post! Thanks for sharing! Another great way to get your butt in gear is to sign up for a big local race such as a 10K and train up to it slowly! Paying for the entrance fee is a good way to commit! That is how I started and now I have started running marathons!


    1. Thanks Ema! I trained for a half marathon a couple of years ago but injured my knee so I'm hoping to get there again. I'm just going to take it really slow this time!

  2. i just found your blog girly :) new follower! lets follow each other :)