Helpful Tips??

I wanted to post this yesterday but the video wasn't available online when I did my blog post. Dr. Oz was on the Today Show yesterday discussing medication free ways to help with your allergies. We all know I've been suffering and I think a lot of you have too. I knew most of these things because this isn't my first time around the block but I figured I would share with my Ladies, just in case!

I've never done the neti pot. However, I've done the NeilMed Sinus Rinse.

My aunt informed me while in Key West that the neti pot makes you feel like you're drowning and the sinus rinse gives you more control. I gotta say, it really helped with my cold and allowed me to make it thru the wedding day!

Maybe some of these tips will be helpful in getting you thru the allergy season. Personally, I know I'll need more than big sunglasses and a floppy hat!

I would like to report that I have ran/power walked two days in a row. I'm hanging in there. It hurts but that is to be expected! Happy Thursday Ladies! Almost done for the week and I'm so ready for a long weekend in TN. It's going to be pushing 100 degrees there. OMG.



  1. Yay you on two days of running/power walking! I watched Dr. OZ on the TODAY show too. I have heard of the Neti pot before, but never tried. Who knows though. If my allergies get any worse ill have to. I hate allergy season!

    1. Thanks Cassandra! I'm sore...but in a good way! This allergy season is going to be painful. I'm prepared to walk around in a fog 90% of the time.

  2. Great post!!
    I've heard about that, but I don't believe it works in the most serious cases! My brother is totally allergic to pollens in the air and on the ground, and he will try to take the vaccine ;)
    Anyway, I know the neti pot helps relieve the allergy symptoms :)

    Have a lovely day!


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