A few new purchases!

I stopped by New York and Co. to get my mom a Mother's Day gift card on Friday. When I saw that everything was 40% off, I knew I needed to get a few things for a myself.

This tank top is unbelievably comfortable. I'm considering getting a few more of them. I have a feeling I'll be living in them during the Summer. The necklace was purchased at an event my mom and I did this weekend. We were selling our jewelry and I bought jewelry from another local seller. How great is that necklace though?! It was only $16.00! Even better, right??

This sweater also came in pink/coral color as well as black. It's super light weight so I wouldn't mind having another one of them either! The necklace looks great with it.

I needed some necessities at Sephora (eye make up remover and eye liner). I wanted to try a new exfoliating face wash. This is only used 1-2 times per week. It didn't take much so I'm sure it will last a really long time and I will get my $24 out of it. I'm hoping it will help with my breakouts. I think I'm calling a dermatologist this week. I'm over it! I had 2 new breakouts this weekend. UGH!

I got the Coach Poppy and Coach Flower Poppy combo roller ball. You got double points if you bought a perfume and I needed something new to keep in my purse.

I had nearly 800 beauty insider points! Oh My! So, I got the the 500 point perk. With my double point purchase, I'll be at nearly 500 points again. I have a sick obsession with Sephora.

Here are my new products! I've been wanting to try the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer for a while. I love my HD finishing powder and it's almost gone so I'll work on this one until hopefully after the shower when I'll have extra money again!

Here is the breakdown of everything I have in my new cute little pink bag. Which I think will be great for jewelry when I'm traveling.

Lastly, I got some Scentsy melts at the event on Saturday. I didn't have enough cash to buy a warmer but I found this adorable one at Walmart. I'm currently enjoying the smell of Sunlit Morning. I also bought White Sands and Amalfi Coast. I'm definitely loving it so far!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty good even though my Saturday morning wake up call was much earlier than I would have liked. 6:30 should not be seen on the weekends!


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  1. I love the gold necklace with the orange striped tank. I need me a Sephora run ASAP.