Fashion Favorites!

I haven't shown any fashion favorites in quite some time but there were a couple truly fabulous dresses and some other looks that I adored this past week. Most of them have been floating around the blog world for a few days but who cares! I love them and want to share!

The Duchess rocked this Jenny Packham dress like no one else could. I'm pretty sure this dress was made for her. Absolutely stunning! 

I love nothing more than seeing Lea Michelle dressed age appropriately! Her body looks amazing in this dress. She definitely worked it at the Fox Upfronts. Kudos Lea! 

Jennifer Lopez is flaunting those amazing legs! She looks great in the all neutral trend that seems to be all the rage with young hollywoood. I look forward to seeing her outfits every week on American Idol.

DH is over but Ms. Eva does not seem to be too upset by it! She looks amazing in this easy spring like outfit. This is one look that I definitely want to re-create.

What do you think of these celeb looks? Is there one that stands out as your favorite? How excited are you that it's Wednesday?! I'm ready for the Cystic Fibrosis waitress night tonight at a local sports bar! 1. It raises money for a great cause and something that my cousin faces on a daily basis. 2. I get to try out the new Summer menu. Jenn and I need a sampler of the entire menu because I don't know how I will pick just one or two things. Have a great day ladies!


P.S. Please tell me that any of the other Glee fans out there cried like a baby last night. Such an emotional episode. I'm going to be a disaster next week! I love season finales because they always pull out the big guns but I HATE waiting months to find out what happens next. HIMYM on Monday totally rocked my world. Grey's tomorrow will be out of hand. Seriously! I can't handle it!


  1. Thank you for showing us these amazing photos! I especially love Jennifer and Eva and their looks :D


  2. Love Lea Michelle!! Great round-up!

  3. I love that Lea Michelle dress. She looks fabulous!

  4. Every time I see Kate's dress, I just gasp. It's so breathtaking. She's gorgeous and that dress is stunning!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Honestly, I don't think I will ever get sick of this dress!

  5. Kate just looks flawless. Gorgeous. New follower, check out mine if you get a chance :) www.obviouslyfeminine.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Ok it won't let me follow u from my phone! Grr! I will when next on the laptop :) xx

    2. I followed you back! Great blog.

  6. Love your fash faves!! Kate Middleton's dress is simply amazing!! Obsessed!