Weekend Projects

I had big plans to DIY things this weekend. Well the weather did not cooperate. There were monsoon style rains on Saturday which made spray painting vases impossible! It's going to be incredibly nice this week so hopefully I will have a chance to finish the project I started.

Making my own milk glass vases. (Excuse the iPhone photos...I promise to take real ones before I complete the entire thing.) I have my cute $.79 vases from Ikea but they can't hold a lot of flowers so I thought I would attempt this with a $1.50 vase from Walmart. If it sucks, no biggie.

With my $.99 puff paint and vase in hand I started adding dots. This is the second attempt. The first one was left to dry and then I picked all of the little dots off because they weren't straight or even and I couldn't handle it. I took a different approach the second time. Let's have the dots curve around the vase! It worked much better! 

A close up of my handy work! I bought the spray paint but of course forgot to take a picture of it. So, that will be included when I finish the project. I chose a semi-gloss because I want them to have a little bit of shine but not too much. I have to say I was tempted by the magnetic, white board and chalk board paint. I just need to see how they work!

Here is a picture of the White Hot by Sephora nail polish that I mentioned here. I gotta say, I really like it!! I might put some sparkle over it or a cute colored tip before it starts to chip. I like experimenting with my polish after I've been wearing it for a few days. If it turns out horribly then I can just take it off and it doesn't really matter. 

Lastly, my mom hooked me up with this adorable mint colored cardigan from Gap. She was on her annual 4 day shopping trip with her girlfriends and she knows my love for anything mint. So, when I got a text that this little guy was only $20 at the outlet, I told her to pick it up for me. I'm wearing it today in what I consider an incredibly spring like outfit that you will almost certainly be seeing at some point this week!

I saw The Lucky One with Jenn yesterday. We really liked it. Of course there were tears. It didn't totally follow the book but it was close. I want tell you the differences, no need to spoil it for others! We smuggled our Sbux in and it was delightful. What I didn't enjoy was the obscene man burping throughout the movie. He didn't even try to hide it. Gross!

Happy Monday Ladies! I hope you all have a great week!



  1. I am obsessed with mint right now! Currently on the hunt for some mint skinny jeans!

    1. Me too! I would like mint and peach colored skinny jeans!

  2. I love the vase!! I didn't know they had white board spray paint! I've used the chalk board on some diy's for the house and it looks GREAT!