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Mom and I hit up Ikea on Friday after work. We actually made this trip a rather quick one which is fairly difficult to do. Especially, since it seemed that they had so many new things for us to oohhh and ahhh over! I get so excited to see their kitchens. The organization is amazing and I dream of having a kitchen like that some day!

On to the purchases. All of which are for the Bridal Shower and some of them will then be used at the wedding as well. I plan to DIY a few things.

Lanterns! Trying to decide which size which resulted in me running to the front of the store so I could get cell phone reception and then calling my sister. Thankfully, we weren't too far from the checkout! I think the cotton in my ear might be my new signature look. Thoughts?!?! :) (By the way, the small lantern is $3.99 and the large is $7.99)

I'm pretty much obsessed with these adorable pots. If I can't find anything else for them, I figure I could put silverware in them at the shower. But, Sister loves them too so I have a feeling we'll be finding a way to use them at the wedding. They're a creamy white color and they were $2.99

The galvanized pots were $.99. They're a bit too shiny for my liking. So I plan to rough them up a bit and I might white wash them. I saw something on Pinterest that was similar but I was not about to spend that kind of money on a pot!

These adorable little vases were only $.79! I envisioned using milk glass vases at the shower for part of the centerpieces but of course that's expensive. These little dudes will get DIY'ed as well. The little bumps on the sides will give them a little something extra! 

We decided on the larger lanterns. I love them! They also come in black. I think these are going to be centerpieces on at least some of the tables at the wedding. You can also buy them not constructed and they come in flat boxes. But, I wasn't about to spend my time putting lanterns together. No thanks! They're the same price either way. The boxes are probably easier to transport though.

Finally, a sneak peek at the bridal shower invitation. I'm going to be printing them today and they will be in the mail soon. So, be on the look out ladies!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have a break from students this week which means I can finally get caught up on all of the things I never have time for!



  1. Love your picks, especially the lantern!

    I'm planning my sister's shower too :) Those invites are cute. Where did you order the invites from?

  2. Love the laser cut metal! Such a great detail for plants...very chic!

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    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  3. Are you getting married or your sister?
    Well it looks like you've found some amazing stuff... good luck with your DIY's! Maybe we'll get to see some finished products!? hint hint

  4. Thanks Ladies! I definitely plan to post pics of the finished products.

    Ash, my sister is getting married in September and her shower is in June so I'm going to be a very busy girl!