One Tree Hill

Oh how I'll miss thee. Tonight is the Series Finale of OTH. This saddens me. Last week, after the episode ended I got teary eyed at the thought of this week being the last episode. Granted I was on pain medication at the time, but yeah I cried. For years I have anticipated the show not coming back. For the other fans out there, you remember when season 4 ended and no one knew if they would come back. I mean how were they going to handle the gang going off to college?! Well...it came back and they fast forwarded 4 years and then would fill us in on the past. From season 5 on, I have been expecting the show to end. Now it's here. It's weird, I feel like I know these people. (I did meet Sophia Bush, Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty while on vacation in Wilmington, NC when they were filming season 2. I should find those pictures!)

One issue that I cannot get past and that I'm sure still will not be addressed tonight is where did Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer go. They just rode off into the sunset and were barely mentioned. All we needed was ONE LINE that said something like, Haley: "I talked to Lucas today, they are really loving {insert city here}". Did anyone else find it odd that the airport announced his flight # and gate but not his destination. COME ON OTH. That is not how it works. Seriously, Peyton would not have missed Brooke's wedding or the birth of her children. Not gonna happen. GRRR!

So tonight, I plan to snuggle into my bed to watch the 2 hour finale. I'll have tissues near by because I'm sure there will be tears. I know Mark Schwahn will be nice to us and he will wrap the show up in a nice little bow so we're all happy.

Any other One Tree Hill fans out there? If you're not a fan, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about and think I'm a crazy person. This show filled the void that Dawson's Creek left. What can I say, I'm a sucker for teenage dramas! If you want to check it out...the first 8 seasons are on Netflix Instant. I watched an entire season while I was in bed recovering. If anything else, there are some good looking people to stare at.

Happy Wednesday Dolls!!


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