Just A Small Town Girl Blog celebrated it's one year anniversary a month ago and I totally forgot. Is that bad? The day I posted this, I should have been posting about the old bloggy turning 1. In my defense, I was really excited about a trip to Cleveland, St. Patty's Day and my Bobcats making it to the Big Dance! Not to mention there was a surgery on the horizon. I had intended to do some kind of giveaway for this momentous occasion but of course, that was a month ago and I haven't planned anything. So, in the next couple of weeks I'm going to get something together. It will probably involve some of my favorite products.

And because I need some kind of photo in this post. I'm going to share the cutest thing you will ever see.

I pinned him on Pinterest. He can be found here. He is a full grown Golden Cocker Retriever. So basically they stay puppies forever. I cannot imagine a cuter thing. Seriously! Golden Retriever and Lab puppies are probably my favorites. They are so stinking cute. The thought of having one stay that little forever just makes my heart melt! I will have one of these some day. For now, I'll stick with Braxton. Who is on my list today after not sleeping all night and nearly killing himself by getting stuck between the mattress and the foot board of my bed. I'm pretty sure his whiskers are supposed to tell him he can't fit there. What a lovely 2:30 am wake up call! But, he's cute and impossible to stay mad at.

Have a great Wednesday Ladies!



  1. Happy Blogversary! Braxton and Parker could be good friends seeing as how they both think the middle of the night is not for sleeping .

  2. HAPPY 1 YEAR OF BLOGGING!! And what a cute little puppy!