Weekend = Wedding Planning

I spent my weekend talking wedding with my sister. We did the BM dresses on Saturday. It was relatively painless except for the fact that I was up at 6 am on a Saturday. I only have one picture of the dress we chose....and it's awful. This 4'11" frame was rocking a size 8 dress. Seriously! I'm nervous about the fit of the final product. They didn't have any dresses in that line in a smaller size so I'm praying that the belt actually hits me where it's supposed to. If not, the alterations are going to be out of control.

The dress is incredibly soft, lightweight and comfortable. The picture links you to Dessy's website. Of all the dresses my sister liked (there were 8 different dresses in 3-5 colors) this was the only one we actually liked in person. I love the color and I know it's a cliche but I'm pretty sure I will wear this again.

After dresses, we had DELICIOUS cake. I think she decided on the cake and the fillings so that is something she can cross off. They have to settle on a design which is a secret. It is apparently going to be funny. I envision huskies all over the cake but I don't think they will go that far!

I spent Sunday cuddling with Braxton and enjoying a One Tree Hill marathon thanks to Netflix Instant. My little man was super snuggly so I wanted to take advantage of it!

Happy Monday Dolls! This week is crazy but I kind of enjoy it. The last week of the rotation means a lot of time for me to sit in silence while I proctor exams. I enjoy the down time, plus I get paid to read a book!


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