Pedis and Basketball

I got a pedi with my bestie on Saturday. I opted for China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise.

This one might need to be added to my collection. Loving it! It's not something I would normally do on my toes but I figured I would do something different. After the pedi, my mom and I did some research for the bridal shower. Basically, I went around taking pictures of all of things I want to buy. It was a little out of hand. But, I think I'm in good shape!

The rest of my weekend was spent watching basketball. Seriously, I watched a lot of basketball. My Bobcats won the MAC and are playing Michigan in the first round in Nashville. Sister and Nik are going to try to find tickets so they can go. They live about 40 minutes from Nashville and we are proud of our alma mater. Now, don't count our boys out. If you recall, in 2010 we upset Georgetown. It was huge! I would have given ANYTHING to be in Athens that weekend. Our boys looked stocked when they showed them on CBS last night.

The madness is upon us and this is seriously one of my favorites times of the year. Anything can happen and I will for sure be filling out my brackets today! I get a little crazy during March Madness (remember this post??) so I have already updated my app and I'm prepared to watch a lot of basketball over the next 3 weeks.

Did your favorite team make it to the big dance? I'm a UNC fan too so seeing them as a #1 seed makes me happy! The Buckeyes are a solid 2 seed and I can't wait to see how all of this plays out! Happy Monday Ladies! Let's make this a good week.


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