More nail polish?! Why not!

The bestie sent me a picture of this and I can't get it out of my head. I need to make a pit stop at Sephora ASAP.

Betsey Johnson's new colors are AMAZING. I'm kind of dying for that teal and yellow. Don't be surprised if I buy this awesome set this weekend.

I received an email from Sephora asking me to test their new beta site. I have to say the search options are really great! You can select multiple categories to narrow your search down to your specific needs. I'm totally a fan! I went ahead and added a few things to my wish list. As if I need anything else! I will say my fav eye shadow is nearly gone. It's a random Kat Von D duo that I found in a sale bin. Jenn and I each bought it and we wear it A LOT. It's been my go to for months and months. So, when it's gone I'm going to be lost. I will say that the Naked 2 Palette has very similar colors. Will I finally bite the bullet and buy the Naked 2?! We shall see. I'm glad I never bough the original because I think the second one has grown on me and totally surpassed the original.

Have any of you purchased the Naked 2? Or the new Betsey Johnson colors? I would love your opinions!!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! This day is crazy for me but our new admin assistant starts tomorrow (cue the church bells and angels singing). This weekend is St. Patty's Day and my first weekend of freedom...I'm thinking that is more than enough reasons to have some drinks!


(p.s. I'm writing this Monday night, watching The Bachelor...he is totally going to pick Courtney. I took some cough syrup after my hour long coughing fit last night, I'm not risking it again. There's codeine in it. If this post has no mis-spellings and actually makes sense we are in good shape!)

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