I'm borderline obsessed with Tervis.

My grandparents gave my dad a 4 pack of the 16 oz. Ohio State Tervis cups for Christmas a few years ago. I love them. Well, there's a Tervis store in Key West. I went nuts! I wanted them all! I ended up with this one.

I got the 24 oz with a green lid and a straw for poolside bevies. Plus, it kind of has an OU feel about it! By the way, they did have the OU ones there. Which is CRAZY to me!

They just came out with water bottles. So, Ty Ty got this one as payment of taking care of little Braxton for a week.

He steals pretty much every water bottle I purchase. He really likes my nalgenes. Oh and once a protein shake has been in a water bottle, it's hard to drink water out of them. They're never the same. Let's hope this keeps him away from my next water bottle!

Do any of you own a Tervis cup? How much do you love it?? They had adorable Bridesmaids, Bride, Groomsmen and Groom cups with the bride and groom's names on the back with the wedding date. I think Sister needs to do this! Such a nice gift that people will actually use! If you have a beach vaca planned and don't own one of these, I highly recommend you get one before you go. You won't regret it!

Happy Thursday Dolls!


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  1. I'm obsessed too - I have a huge collection :)