I'm alive...

Ladies, I'm alive. Not totally myself but slowly but surely making my way back. I had my right ear drum reconstructed on the 20th. My ear drum ruptured a few years ago and never fully healed. After years of persistent ear infections and pain, I finally decided to have the surgery I've been putting off. Girls, I'm not kidding I left the surgery with what appeared to be a jock strap around my head. In reality, it was the dressing for my ear but it totally looked like a jock strap. I definitely wasn't expecting something like that! My doctor said 3-4 days and you'll be back at work. Well today is day 8 since the surgery and I'm at work but ready to leave. I just can't handle a full day yet. I've been in quite a bit of pain but the drugs are good! I just can't function on them. I'm hoping to get some decent posts ready for you later this week or let's face it, it probably won't happen until Monday. Seriously though, I have nothing exciting to say because I've been in bed for a week. However, Saved By The Bell is now on Netflix Instant, if that is of any interest to all of you!

We'll chat soon my loves! Oh and the bestie didn't make it by, her precious boy got hurt on the playground and has required a lot of snuggles lately. We'll let her slide!


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  1. Oh my gosh! Well I am glad you are ok now but what an intense surgery. Hope you start to feel a little better very soon =)