Friday Favorites

This is the Green and White edition of Friday Favorites! I'm taking an impromptu trip to Cleveland to watch my Bobcats with my favorite Bobcats. Confused?!?! OU plays Michigan tonight at 7:10 pm (not that I have been looking forward to this or anything) and I plan to hang out with my favorite alums while watching our boys beat some Wolverines!

I mean look at how excited they were when they heard the announcement! 

On Saturday, we'll be participating in something of this nature...

Day drinking is not something I have done in quite some time. This could be interesting. But, spending time with some of my favorites will be AMAZING. It's rare that a large group of us gets together. It's typically just the usual suspects but this weekend is going to be special and I'm beyond excited. Rennie's response to my text, "OMG, is this actually happening?! Jill called me last night, but I figured it was all talk. I have a huge smile right now. I can't freaking wait!!!" If that doesn't get me pumped for this weekend, nothing will!

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the Madness and St. Patrick's Day!


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  1. Go Bobcats and have a blast drinking fun green drinks all day! Drink loads for me--that's an order ;)