Friday Favorites

This has been the longest week in history and there is no reason why. Things are actually starting to settle down for me. The new admin assistant starts on the 14th. Is there an emoticon of a person doing cartwheels?!?! I would have those all over this page right now. I'm going to need a few cocktails to celebrate my freedom!

I finally tried this delicious treat and I'm hooked!

I think I want to try the Who Nu? chocolate cookies next! The downfall is the serving size is only 3 cookies. You know I can't stop at 3!

Do you remember when I mentioned this fabulous product here? Well I've been using it for several weeks now and I'm totally hooked. I think it's really helping my split ends. I don't see nearly as many and my hair is incredibly soft and smooth. I would definitely recommend it!

I'm sitting in a computer lab, proctoring exams and reading a book. I'm pretty excited for the break. After a long week it's nice to just do nothing. I have a date with the bestie tomorrow morning for pedis. I'm so excited! My feet need a little attention that's for sure! Have a great weekend Ladies!


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  1. Yeeee white cream, love it!

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