Fashion Round Up

My life has been crazy lately. Cleaning my bedroom needs to happen. I'm ashamed of my closet right now. It was so nice before vacation...now the floor is full of crap again. So, I've been a bit preoccupied and haven't had the time to check out the latest fashion pages. Thanks to E! I still feel in the loop!

Here are some of my favorite looks so far this month. All can be found on InStyle.

Jennifer Lawrence killed it at the Hunger Games premier. Her body is ridiculous. I love her arms and entire back side. Is that strange!?! I kind of want that booty!

Mila looking girly and fabulous at the Christian Dior runway show! I think I need this entire look. I would wear the dress to work and not even care what anyone said because it is that beautiful! 

Is Jessica Alba seriously a mother of two? She looks amazing. I need this DVF dress in my closet, yes?!

Love Gwyneth's traveling outfit. If I was boarding a train in Paris, I would hope that I could be found wearing something very similar to this! 

Why can't I afford Louis Vuitton? The perfect Spring time yellow. Reese, I love a dress with a little volume on the bottom.

Jessica and Reese both got 2 picks. I'm pretty sure any of us could recreate this look from things in our closet. This will keep me from wondering what I can sell in order to afford her outfit! 

This Kate Spade dress has a similar shape to the yellow LV dress above. I feel like Reese is very "girl next door" and this dress really expresses that. It's so cutesy and it reminds me of something Kenley would make on Project Runway All Stars. That girl loves a polka dot print and so do I!

I hope that now that my life is getting back to normal, I will be able to put more effort into this little bloggy! I need more fashion updates, etc. So, I'm going to really try! We're half way thru the week Dolls!


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