Bridal Shower Inspiration

I started planning my sister's Bridal Shower. She said she wanted some kind of outdoor barbecue situation. I took that...and RAN with it. We're doing a shabby chic backyard bbq. Her colors totally work with the theme and she is excited about it. However, my taste far exceeds my budget. Of course, Pinterest doesn't help things. If you follow me, you know I went cray cray yesterday with the pinning but I have so many great ideas!

All pictures came from my Pinterest board "Bridal Shower". If I remember where the picture came from I linked the photo back to the site.

Our dresses are marigold. So these would look GREAT on the tables. Plus these vases remind me of something my great grandma or grandma would have/had in their homes. 

I am visioning cute little frames in front of the food for labels. I doubt we use assigned seating. I really just want to involve chalkboard paint in some way. I would probably try to find cute vintage frames. Again, I can tell I'm already exceeding my budget.

Well this is just plain adorable. Mason jars will be involved. Either in drinks, part of the food or maybe as a gift. I thought about putting all the dry ingredients for Lauren's favorite cookies in them. Then, everyone can go home and bake cookies. A gift that they will actually use!

More of the awesome vases. I adore these place settings and I could easily whip this one up.

Burlap is DEFINITELY happening. I love the idea of a burlap table runner with a white tablecloth underneath it. Maybe a couple of long tables put together like this one and then just a few vases with flowers.

I love the idea of serving food in metal bowls. Since the shower will most likely be in June. We'll probably keep most of the food inside. You never know what the bug/heat situation will be like. But, we'll see how that goes.

Now, we need to figure out what kind of food to serve. I think my sister wants a legit bbq, like food on the grill. So, I guess we'll have to put the guys to work on that one! Desserts and side dishes to be determined...

If you have any ideas, input or experience please share! This is my first time planning a shower and I want it to be amazing! Happy Thursday Ladies!



  1. Your ideas look amazing. I have to start planning my sister's bridal shower soon too. I am thinking something super girly and glittery unless she tells me otherwise.

  2. Everything looks beautiful! You have some great ideas!


  3. JUNE??? Why so early?!?! I'll be in the US the 1st 2 weekends in June {but my bro is getting married on the 10th so that day is out} but I think you should wait until August ;-}

    If you need any help planning {or executing} let me know =}

  4. Love these ideas - would make for a gorgeous wedding :)

    The Other Side of Gray