A quick recap of my latest purchases

Like I said yesterday, I made a few purchases on Sunday. Here is a quick recap of them. Some things aren't pictured...like my Crest White Strips, balance bars, face wash, Katy Perry's Teenage Dream CD, etc.

We'll start at the top left and work our way across and down. My Kindle case. I bought a cute pink and orange one and of course I didn't check to see if it fit mine. Well, it didn't and all I could find at Best Buy was this ugly black one. So, this will probably be temporary because we all know I need something cute! Another pair of tights. Dillard's had them on sale again. This time for $4. AWESOME. I also got a pair of black ones. Speaking of Dillard's, check out my adorable new boots! $35, thank you very much! New ear buds are a must for vacation. I can NEVER find ear buds that stay in my ears. Let's hope these do the trick. The ultimate test will be when I work out with them in. I got this cute travel bag set at Walmart for $15. How great is that?! I love the print and the fact that there are a variety of sizes. It should be perfect for vacation.

I started getting my clothes together for vacation. It might be out of hand. I need your help ladies! I'm totally over packing. Do I really need 2 rompers, 3 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of jeans, and more tops than I care to count?!?! I'm nervous that it will get chilly and I'll be bummed that I didn't pack that other pair of pants. Let's remember that technically I'll only be packing for Monday-Friday because Saturday night is the welcome dinner which I have a dress for and Sunday is wedding day. I'm going to hate myself when I get home and have to unpack a ton of not worn clothes. Oh well! I'm going to try to scale down Wednesday night. We'll see how that goes!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! I hope your week is going well so far!



  1. girl you are NUTS! 3 pairs of jeans for 5 days?!?!? I think one will do! Maybe you can find an excuse for 2...maybe! You have enough clothes for a month listed! nix at least one dress/romper and at least one pair of shorts on top of the jeans and that might be acceptable ;-} ha ha, I don't even think I packed that much for a month in the States last April!

  2. I know I'm totally insane!! I have a bunch of stuff pulled out and now I need to narrow it down. That's my task for Wednesday night. I have to see how crazy I am and then I can pull back!