Well the packing definitely made progress last night. When I got my clothes together it didn't seem as extravagant as I had remembered. When looking at the weather, I saw that it has been getting cool in the evenings so I had to bring long sleeves as well as shorts. It's going to be interesting! I get cold really easily so I want to make sure I'm covered.

My piles. It's really not that much...right?! 

You should be proud that I'm only bringing 4 extra pairs of shoes. This doesn't count my wedding shoes and the flats I bought for the reception but of course those are necessary. 

My suitcase is only half full. Hmm...granted I still have some hair products, etc to throw in there but I definitely won't be filling it up. My mom's suitcase is pretty full but she has beach towels, etc. So, I'm going to take those in an attempt to fill this up a bit so my stuff doesn't slide around.

Of course, I have the largest suitcase we own. My dad is traveling for work at the same time so we have all of our luggage in use. I would typically take a smaller one but this is what I'm working with! I plan to finish everything tonight except the essentials I'll need tomorrow morning.

In 24 hours I will be getting ready to leave for the airport! Yay!!!!! Also, I woke up this morning with a man voice, head congestion and a head ache. I'm certain that it is my allergies. I blame this mild Winter we're having. But, I'll take the mild temps any day! However, my allergies think it's Spring. So, I'm going to get a shot a this afternoon. I'm not messing around with this!!


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  1. It is so important to leave extra space in your suitcase so you can fit in all of the wonderful things you buy while you are gone. I don't actually mind packing but I hate to unpack.