Friday Favorites

As you read this I am en route to the airport. We're flying into Fort Lauderdale and driving to Key West. I'm so glad we will be flying out of Key West on the way home. I'm incredibly afraid of bridges. So, this should be interesting!

I left my brother a crazy cat lady list to help him take care of Braxton. Let's be serious, he probably won't even read it. He'll probably laugh and ignore it.

I had so much to pack in my carry-on to make sure I'm covered for wedding day. I was seriously freaking out. Too many travel bottles!!

The bestie is going to do a few posts next week. I was hoping to get some things lined up before I left but that didn't happen. So, there might be some off days. Because I will be sitting in Paradise for a few days.

Happy Weekend Ladies! I'll try to at least check in at some point over the next week!



  1. Ahhh - so jealous that you will be getting sun and beach ;) have a great time my dear!

  2. i hope you're having SO MUCH FUN. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my Shoemint photo shoot. xo