Don't forget to breathe...

I have nothing creative for you today. Let me show you what my days have been like. This is a glimpse at my panner before I started doing 2 jobs. This is just a typical week. I typically didn't have a lot to write down. I run on auto-pilot most days because my job is the same thing every 6 weeks. I have 8 six week rotations in an academic year. So, once you get it down it's pretty smooth.

Here is what I'm working with this week...

...yes that is a color coded list. I can be a bit OCD. :) Honestly, if it wasn't color coded I wouldn't know what I was doing. I'm working out of 2 offices because all of the files I need for my new tasks are in Laura's old office. It's actually easier to just work in there half of the day.

Yesterday was the first day that I was near a breakdown. There was no real reason for it because I've definitely had busier days but I think the list of things I needed to get done was becoming overwhelming. I have to remind myself to just breathe. It will be ok! I CANNOT wait until they hire someone for the position. Maybe they will have something lined up when I return from vacation. This is my hope!

What do you all do to keep yourself from totally losing it when the stress becomes too much? I'm taking suggestions! Typically, I would go for a run but exhaustion took over last night so I snuggled Braxton instead. The love of your cat or dog is so comforting. I'm going to remind myself to take a time out if I need to.

Happy Wednesday Ladies...I hope you are having a great week!


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