Curly hair + humidity = not a good hair week

Ladies, I have curly hair. My flat iron is basically another appendage. Now that my hair is finally growing out I can wear it curly more often but it's still not great because I have to take the curling iron to some pieces. So, to say I didn't have great hair on vaca would be an understatement. This was my look of choice...

I have to twist my bangs back because they aren't quite fitting in the pony. But, some mouse, a messy bun, and a little hairspray were my essentials.

The beach/pool days were a little easier. Do you love my new hat?? I definitely do! The sunglasses are Betsey Johnson. The cover up and bikini are both Victoria's Secret.

The bestie and I went shopping on Sunday. I have been DYING to post this but I had other things lined up already. We spent more time driving to and from the outlet mall than we did at the actual mall. I guess that happens when you know what you're getting. You may remember this post about the various handbags I wanted. Well I bit the bullet. If you follow me on twitter, you've seen this. I've had a rough month and a half so I felt like I deserving of a treat. That's where my dream bag comes into play!

It's not the exact same style but it's still the Hamilton bag! My dad told me I needed to be counseled but he did say it's a very good looking bag. I knew I wanted the gold hardware but I was torn between the black and luggage colors. When the lovely Anna at the Michael Kors outlet informed me that luggage is MK's favorite color, I was sold! Between the outlet discount and the fact that I had a $50 giftcard, I saved about $110 on the retail price. Jenn bought a freaking adorable black hobo style bag. I love it! Totally worth the drive to Cincinnati!

Alright Dolls, the week is half over. I'm sooooo ready! We're going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister this weekend. We're going to be tasting cakes too! So excited!


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