Curly hair + humidity = not a good hair week

Ladies, I have curly hair. My flat iron is basically another appendage. Now that my hair is finally growing out I can wear it curly more often but it's still not great because I have to take the curling iron to some pieces. So, to say I didn't have great hair on vaca would be an understatement. This was my look of choice...

I have to twist my bangs back because they aren't quite fitting in the pony. But, some mouse, a messy bun, and a little hairspray were my essentials.

The beach/pool days were a little easier. Do you love my new hat?? I definitely do! The sunglasses are Betsey Johnson. The cover up and bikini are both Victoria's Secret.

The bestie and I went shopping on Sunday. I have been DYING to post this but I had other things lined up already. We spent more time driving to and from the outlet mall than we did at the actual mall. I guess that happens when you know what you're getting. You may remember this post about the various handbags I wanted. Well I bit the bullet. If you follow me on twitter, you've seen this. I've had a rough month and a half so I felt like I deserving of a treat. That's where my dream bag comes into play!

It's not the exact same style but it's still the Hamilton bag! My dad told me I needed to be counseled but he did say it's a very good looking bag. I knew I wanted the gold hardware but I was torn between the black and luggage colors. When the lovely Anna at the Michael Kors outlet informed me that luggage is MK's favorite color, I was sold! Between the outlet discount and the fact that I had a $50 giftcard, I saved about $110 on the retail price. Jenn bought a freaking adorable black hobo style bag. I love it! Totally worth the drive to Cincinnati!

Alright Dolls, the week is half over. I'm sooooo ready! We're going bridesmaid dress shopping with my sister this weekend. We're going to be tasting cakes too! So excited!



Key West wrap-up

I decided to make several collages for the vaca recap because let's face it, it's hard to narrow down 395 photos! There is a general theme between the pictures in each collage. Enough of the explanation. Here ya go!!

A few wedding pictures for you to enjoy. The view from the boat was truly unbelievable. The food was great. The wedding was beautiful. It was just a great night all around. I wish the two of them a lifetime of happiness.

Because a palm tree instantly puts a smile on my face. I felt like you would probably like the pick me up too!

Alright, the food. Probably my favorite part of any vacation. Let's make our way around...shall we? Southernmost Beach Cafe was the best breakfast EVER. I def needed that greek omelet before a day of poolside lounging. Half Shell Raw Bar is full of license plates. I found a little piece of Athens in Key West. You know that made me smile! Dante's...where the welcome dinner was held. There's a pool inside, no biggie. Pepe's Cafe - "the eldest eating house in the Florida Keys". Half Shell Raw Bar where I had my first raw oyster. They were alright. Glad I did it but I don't think I would order them on the reg. Garbo's Grill...a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives find.

Bars...there are a lot of them. The bra filled ceiling can be found at Capt. Tony's. Flying Monkeys has tons of slushy machines full of delicious bevies. HEAVEN. Of course there needed to be a pic of Sloppy Joe's. And the last two are Willie T's. I had one rum runner there and I was nearly drunk. Mom found this hilarious. In my defense, they were made with 151. There's a story there that I don't care to get into. One bad experience and you'll never go back!

Mallory Square. Mile marker 0. Southernmost point. Lilly Pulitzer.

Fantastic sunsets and beach fun. Seriously gorgeous!!

I have a few pics of my beach wear and my signature hairstyle for the week that I'll share tomorrow. I hope you're all enjoying your week so far! Happy Tuesday!




I'm writing this as I watch the Oscars and I'm ready to crash. I'm so not ready to go back to work tomorrow. I need another week of relaxation. Our flight landed at 11:54 pm Friday night and it was snowing. SNOWING. We left 88 degree weather. Stupid. I have a nice tan though! I'm going to do a full recap for you. But, I thought I would show you a few things.

My travel outfit for the trip down. Which was exhausting to say the least. The drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West took 6 hours instead of 3 1/2. Not ideal.

Shirt: Banana Republic
Tank: Forever 21
Cardigan: J Crew
Scarf: New York and Co.
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Gianni Bini
Watch: Invicta
Bracelets: Handmade

Ladies, I was SICK on vaca. Really sick. Saturday was the rehearsal dinner and Sunday was the wedding. Saturday early afternoon, we hit Duval to find a drug store.

That's a Walgreens folks! I did more sinus rinses than I care to admit and doped myself up on cough syrup at night. By Monday, I was starting to feel better but it was not the most enjoyable first few days. I'm still not feeling like myself. And I have some kind of rash all over my right hand that does not appear to be improving. Clearly, I need a vacation from my vacation! 

It's hard not to be happy when you have a view like this. We stayed on the beach for the sunset Wednesday night and I'm so happy we did it! It was absolutely beautiful.

I took 395 photos in 6 days so I need to do some editing before my full recap. I hope to show some of the wedding tomorrow. Let's hope I can get back in the swing of things this week. It's definitely going to be rough!



Friday Favorites

As you read this I am en route to the airport. We're flying into Fort Lauderdale and driving to Key West. I'm so glad we will be flying out of Key West on the way home. I'm incredibly afraid of bridges. So, this should be interesting!

I left my brother a crazy cat lady list to help him take care of Braxton. Let's be serious, he probably won't even read it. He'll probably laugh and ignore it.

I had so much to pack in my carry-on to make sure I'm covered for wedding day. I was seriously freaking out. Too many travel bottles!!

The bestie is going to do a few posts next week. I was hoping to get some things lined up before I left but that didn't happen. So, there might be some off days. Because I will be sitting in Paradise for a few days.

Happy Weekend Ladies! I'll try to at least check in at some point over the next week!




Well the packing definitely made progress last night. When I got my clothes together it didn't seem as extravagant as I had remembered. When looking at the weather, I saw that it has been getting cool in the evenings so I had to bring long sleeves as well as shorts. It's going to be interesting! I get cold really easily so I want to make sure I'm covered.

My piles. It's really not that much...right?! 

You should be proud that I'm only bringing 4 extra pairs of shoes. This doesn't count my wedding shoes and the flats I bought for the reception but of course those are necessary. 

My suitcase is only half full. Hmm...granted I still have some hair products, etc to throw in there but I definitely won't be filling it up. My mom's suitcase is pretty full but she has beach towels, etc. So, I'm going to take those in an attempt to fill this up a bit so my stuff doesn't slide around.

Of course, I have the largest suitcase we own. My dad is traveling for work at the same time so we have all of our luggage in use. I would typically take a smaller one but this is what I'm working with! I plan to finish everything tonight except the essentials I'll need tomorrow morning.

In 24 hours I will be getting ready to leave for the airport! Yay!!!!! Also, I woke up this morning with a man voice, head congestion and a head ache. I'm certain that it is my allergies. I blame this mild Winter we're having. But, I'll take the mild temps any day! However, my allergies think it's Spring. So, I'm going to get a shot a this afternoon. I'm not messing around with this!!



Valentine's Day.

I would like you to meet my Valentine...

So Handsome!! I did receive the greatest Valentine's Day card.

Does it get much better than that? Addy lost all patience before she could do her card but she did say "I love my Windsey-girl". I'll take it!

Bestie is getting me ready for vaca. I need some new tunes to listen to while I'm on the beach!

Lastly, I got my BM dress yesterday. It's altered and ready to go. So, it no longer looks like a tea length dress on this 4'11" frame. I get to do it all over again after Sister picks out her dress on March 3rd!

I hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day! I'm narrowing down my packing tonight. Be prepared for photos tomorrow!!



A quick recap of my latest purchases

Like I said yesterday, I made a few purchases on Sunday. Here is a quick recap of them. Some things aren't pictured...like my Crest White Strips, balance bars, face wash, Katy Perry's Teenage Dream CD, etc.

We'll start at the top left and work our way across and down. My Kindle case. I bought a cute pink and orange one and of course I didn't check to see if it fit mine. Well, it didn't and all I could find at Best Buy was this ugly black one. So, this will probably be temporary because we all know I need something cute! Another pair of tights. Dillard's had them on sale again. This time for $4. AWESOME. I also got a pair of black ones. Speaking of Dillard's, check out my adorable new boots! $35, thank you very much! New ear buds are a must for vacation. I can NEVER find ear buds that stay in my ears. Let's hope these do the trick. The ultimate test will be when I work out with them in. I got this cute travel bag set at Walmart for $15. How great is that?! I love the print and the fact that there are a variety of sizes. It should be perfect for vacation.

I started getting my clothes together for vacation. It might be out of hand. I need your help ladies! I'm totally over packing. Do I really need 2 rompers, 3 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of jeans, and more tops than I care to count?!?! I'm nervous that it will get chilly and I'll be bummed that I didn't pack that other pair of pants. Let's remember that technically I'll only be packing for Monday-Friday because Saturday night is the welcome dinner which I have a dress for and Sunday is wedding day. I'm going to hate myself when I get home and have to unpack a ton of not worn clothes. Oh well! I'm going to try to scale down Wednesday night. We'll see how that goes!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! I hope your week is going well so far!



We aced our check-up!

Little Braxton was the picture perfect patient on Saturday. Granted the drive to the vet was not pleasant. He isn't the biggest fan of the car and he nearly got out of his carrier. Mind you, it snowed and the roads were a little rough in spots. Definitely not ideal!

Notice the picture of him popping his head out? Well there is a little spot to unzip so you can pet your animal. He forced his head out of it in the car too. I felt so bad pushing him in there and zipping it up but I was afraid he would get out while I was driving. Luckily he still loves me! His doctor was impressed by how well behaved he is...it makes me a proud Momma! Here is my outfit on Saturday.

Sweater: American Eagle
Shirt: Gap
Jeans: American Eagle
Boots: Uggs
Earrings: Forever 21

Jenn and I saw The Vow on Sunday and did some serious shopping (well at least I did...I'll post the pics tomorrow). I'm not going to ruin the movie for anyone but if you saw it, I want your opinion! I defnitely teared up a few times. We got to see Channing Tatum shirtless and his naked booty...reason enough to see it if you ask me! Here's my outfit. Ignore the hair I had no desire to do it.

Shirt: J Crew
Jeans: American Eagle Jeggings
Boots: BCBG
Necklace: Forever 21

And just because he's the cutest guy ever...here is another Braxton pic.

Happy Monday Ladies! Tomorrow I promise to show my purchases and maybe some packing stuff. I have to get started!



Friday Favorites!

This weekend is going to be crazy. Little Braxton has to get his shots on Saturday. Plus, I have to get things ready to leave next week. I have big plans on Sunday.

I'm going to see this and 

 I'll eat here

Source -Please ignore the article attached to this picture. I just needed a decent shot of OG!

with the bestie!

The OG just opened down the street from the movie theater. I've been craving salad and breadsticks. Maybe some tiramisu. I'm sure there will be Sbux too. Let's be real, Jenn and I smuggle that stuff into the movie. Nothing will come between us and coffee. Movies, italian food and best friends...3 of my favorite things. I plan to drag her along for some shopping too. I need to pick up a few things. I'm sure I'll have to drag her kicking and screaming! ;)

Have a great weekeend Dolls! I plan to do some packing posts next week so have your pointers ready! I'm a notorious over-packer and I'm going to try my best to limit it. We'll see how it goes!



Decisions Decisions

My tax return should be appearing in my bank account today. It just so happens I received a Coach coupon in the mail yesterday. 25% off your entire purchase! So, this poses the question...do I buy a new purse or watch or maybe sunglasses with my coupon or do I use will power and resist. I'm going to show you what I'm considering.

This is the Coach Madison Leather Lindsey Satchel in Safflower

This is the Coach Madison Quilted Chevron Nylon Large Lindsey.

Coach Boyfriend Bracelet Watch

Here's my dilemma...I have been lusting after this bag for a REALLY long time. Sadly, it's MK not Coach and I don't have a coupon for it. Do I buy something else and continue to lust after this or do I bite the bullet and buy it with my tax return?! If I do buy it, which color should I get?

Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote in Black

Michael Kors Hamilton Large Tote in Luggage

Then there is the MK watch that I have wanted even longer than the Hamilton Tote. It's such a tough decision..Ha!

Michael Kors Stainless Steel Chronograph Layton Watch, Golden

I've been so stressed out lately. A little retail therapy might be just what I need! In all reality, I do need a new watch. My white and gold Invicta is great but it's more of a Spring/Summer accessory and I wear my silver Anne Klein EVERYDAY. So, it would be nice to be able to change it up. Plus, the Anne Klein is 4 years old. Did I just talk myself into buying a watch and not a purse?? Hmm...who knows what I'll do but you will be one of the first to know!

Happy Thursday Ladies!



Don't forget to breathe...

I have nothing creative for you today. Let me show you what my days have been like. This is a glimpse at my panner before I started doing 2 jobs. This is just a typical week. I typically didn't have a lot to write down. I run on auto-pilot most days because my job is the same thing every 6 weeks. I have 8 six week rotations in an academic year. So, once you get it down it's pretty smooth.

Here is what I'm working with this week...

...yes that is a color coded list. I can be a bit OCD. :) Honestly, if it wasn't color coded I wouldn't know what I was doing. I'm working out of 2 offices because all of the files I need for my new tasks are in Laura's old office. It's actually easier to just work in there half of the day.

Yesterday was the first day that I was near a breakdown. There was no real reason for it because I've definitely had busier days but I think the list of things I needed to get done was becoming overwhelming. I have to remind myself to just breathe. It will be ok! I CANNOT wait until they hire someone for the position. Maybe they will have something lined up when I return from vacation. This is my hope!

What do you all do to keep yourself from totally losing it when the stress becomes too much? I'm taking suggestions! Typically, I would go for a run but exhaustion took over last night so I snuggled Braxton instead. The love of your cat or dog is so comforting. I'm going to remind myself to take a time out if I need to.

Happy Wednesday Ladies...I hope you are having a great week!



I love a good iPhone app!

First up, I have a few OOTD's for you. This is seriously just a New York and Company Outfit!

Top: New York and Co
Vest: New York and Co
Pants: New York and Co
Shoes: Nine West (they are black matte finish, pointed toe)

Dress: Banana Republic
Cardigan: New York and Co
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Ann Marino (via Marshall's)
Necklace: Handmade
Bracelets: Handmade and Banana Republic
Watch: Anne Klein
Earrings: Forever 21

Ok, the new iPhone app is called Red Stamp. It's awesome and it's free! You can make birth, engagement or wedding announcements, invitations, etc. It's great! I made this for Jenn and she LOVED it.

I made this little collage of my cousin's kids. They are seriously the cutest! I took the pictures on instagram (I think..). That's another app you should have if you don't already have it! It's so much fun! You can do so much with your photos.

Alright Ladies, happy Tuesday! If today goes half as fast as yesterday, I'm in for a fast day. Make it a good one!



Pure laziness.

That's what I would call this weekend. Pure Laziness. I woke up super congested on Saturday. So, Braxton and I cuddled most of the day. I did get out of bed long enough to make a trip to Walmart for some travel necessities. This is my last full week of work before vacation!! I seem to be feeling better. Let's hope I don't get anything because I don't really have time for that!

I made a Pinterest recipe for the Super Bowl. I just hung out with my family and these guys were a hit!

This recipe was super easy and I have to say they tasted just like the ones you would get a bar. But, much less greasy! I will definitely make them again.

Have you seen the new Jason Wu collection for Target? I'm DYING. Seriously. I want so many things. Here are just a few.

 This blouse is just plain adorable. I love anything with a bow or polka dots and the soft color is perfect for Spring.

Who doesn't need a nautical inspired dress?!?!

I could have easily posted pictures of every item I found on Target's website because I want them all. But, I figured that would be a bit excessive and I could just direct you there. I have my eye on a few of the bags as well. I have a feeling I'll be paying a visit to Target before I leave. Maybe I can convince my mom to go with me this weekend! I'm sure she needs some stuff for vaca as well, right?!

Also, Sister and Nik moved into their new house this weekend. They are so happy to finally be there. I haven't talked to her since everything has been moved in. But, I know Mr. Leroy Brown is very happy with his new home.

He is on neighborhood watch! The bonus room above the garage is his favorite spot. The window is the perfect height for him. I cannot wait to go to Tennessee again so I can see the house.

Alright Dolls, that's all I have. I hope you all have a great week!



Friday Favorites

Jenn and I had a slumber party last night. We I drank wine watched American Idol and Grey's and crashed before 10:30. We're party animals! But, it was a good time! We were discussing the new Vera Bradley lunch bags this morning. We both have the old style lunch bag.

This is my actual bag. It was a discontinued print and I only paid like $12 for it. But, there is a new style bag and we both think we need it. I cram this guy full almost every day. Especially now that I'm changing my eating habits. I'm really trying to make sure that I pack my lunch every day. So, this is what I think I want.

I have been obsessed with this print since it came out. So, I'm pretty sure that's one I'll be purchasing when the time comes. My tax return should be here next week so it might happen sooner rather than later. Doesn't this just make lunch time seem so much more fun?!

Speaking of lunch, I need to tell you about the meal I had twice this week. These burgers are AMAZING.

I put them on a sub bun with provolone cheese and some pizza sauce. It's seriously like a vegetarian meatball sub. I loved it enough to eat it 2 days in a row. I have one more chicken patty left and I'm thinking of trying to make some kind of chicken parm with it. Could be delicious, right?!?! I'll keep you posted!

Lastly, I pinned this Pinterest. I'm thinking this might be my travel outfit to Key West because I'm pretty much obsessed with it.

I already have all of the components so I'm thinking it will definitely happen. Plus, it seems like such a comfortable travel outfit! These are things I need to start thinking about because I leave 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY!!!

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend to my fabulous readers! I hope you all enjoy a few days off. I think I might finally buy the Sperry's I have been wanting since my birthday. Ya know...these. I'm pretty sure they are necessary for my beach vacation and it's time to finally do it.


P.S. I'm considering doing some guest posts while I'm gone. If you have experience with this please let me know. I have no idea what I'm doing! Also, if you would like to be a guest poster send me an email or tweet me! If not, I'm going to have to recruit some people!!