When all else fails..PINTEREST.

So, last night I had the intention to upload Bachelorette Party pics. But, my computer thought otherwise. It decided it didn't feel like downloading any pictures off of my camera. Which it turn thoroughly pissed me off. Sometimes I want to throw my laptop out the window. Funny that 20 minutes after I unplugged the camera and gave up it popped up with the Sony Camera window. Efff you laptop! At that point I was just pissed because it started running in recovery mode. I'm pretty sure my desktop from college (ahem...7 years ago) would probably run faster. So, I gave up and did my post this morning. I also might have been really intrigued by Rob Lowe in the Drew Peterson: Untouchable movie on Lifetime.

Ok...after that tangent. Here are some of my latest pins to my "Quotes" board on Pinterest.

Wouldn't this be an adorable engagement pic?? Looking at you Sister!

True Story.

I feel like I play dress up almost EVERYDAY. Which is awesome.

Definitely feel this is true.

How freaking HILARIOUS is this???

Marilyn knew what she was talking about. It's all about a good shoe!

And this makes me think of my upcoming vacation. I'm pretty sure I mention it at least 3 times a week. My apologies! I'm just so excited. I can't really handle it. I haven't had a real vacation in 2 years. It's time!

Let's hope the ol' HP let's me get to work tonight. I turned it off last night. I might have shut it and had words with it because it wouldn't even shut down in a timely fashion. Stupid!

Ok, Happy Monday Ladies! Let's make it a great week!


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