Weekends are too short...

I could have used one more day this weekend. I had so much I wanted to do and only got part of it accomplished. I went shopping on Friday with the bestie. I was going to post my purchases but my camera battery died and I didn't realize it until late last night, so you'll get that tomorrow. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw this preview. 

I got busy on one of my 30 by 30 tasks...cleaning out my closet. I promised myself I would do this on the reg so this is the first step! Here is a pic of the insanity about mid way thru. When I clean my closet, I REALLY clean it. I got rid of a bag of shoes and several bags of clothes. It's nuts. But, my closet is still crammed full. I don't know what to do about this. Also, I didn't even touch my dresser. It scares me more than the closet. 

See that white basket in the corner. I have those lining my upper shelves and I have to say they are fantastic! I got a pack of three of them at Ikea for like $12 (I think). Worth every penny! I keep my sweatshirts, handbags, travel bags, etc in them. There is one on the floor that stores my bulky sweaters.

Braxton probably hated me for a short time yesterday. 

His fur was feeling a little dirty. I wanted to give him a bath when he was little so he would hopefully get used to them. He did fairly well. He didn't like standing in the bath so my mom held him while I washed. It was fast and I then I had to swaddle him in towels and hold him for about 30 minutes. My poor little guy was trembling. He doesn't hate me so we're in good shape! He smells so clean now and his fur is so soft! 

Let's get this week started ladies! I'm exhausted and it has just begun! 


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