Shopping Round Up...

Here are the pictures from the shopping trip with my bestie. I know you've been dying to see them. Ha! Just a warning, I forgot to get a pic of my adorable new beach hat. I know you're probably worried about that. :)You can see it in this picture. I'm so excited about it! The bow is adorable. If I don't mention where the items are from that's because they are from Forever 21. It's my go to for cute trendy items. What can I say, I love the deals! On to the rest of my purchases...

I don't know if Dillard's is still having their sale but they had 30% off of any already reduced item and they had my fav tights on sale so I bought three pairs. I almost wish I had gotten more because they were only $5.60 a piece! I don't know if you can tell what colors they are so...I got plum, navy and a ribbed black. So happy for some new tights!

This dress is for the welcome dinner on Saturday night in Key West. It's shocking to find a maxi that fits my 4'11" self. So the fact that I don't need to wear 4 inch heels with this and can actually wear flats if I want to is probably my favorite part!

How cute does the belt look around it?! I bought the pink earrings above to wear with it. I'm getting more excited by the minute for this vacation!

FINALLY...I found a faux leather jacket I like! This actually looks cute over my maxi too! Plus the $34 price tag didn't break the bank. They had so many cute ones in several colors but I wanted black.

BOGO at Payless. I needed some flats for the late night dancing on the boat after the wedding. These are PERFECT. Because of the bogo I ended up these...

Christian Siriano for Payless. They are so comfortable. They came out on Friday and I snatched these puppies up. Don't worry I wore open toes to work yesterday. I don't even care. It was 50 degrees in Ohio at the end of January. Oh and they were only $32.99. Ridiculous, right?!?! I want to see more of his shoes because I might have a new favorite brand!

Let's hope I can keep my head on straight during this crazy busy Tuesday!


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  1. LOVE love love that dress and it looks too cool with the belt! Great finds lady!!