OOTD Catch-Up

I wore this outfit last week. It's totally preppy and I of course love it! It was really cold last week. So, I thought wool skirt, layers, thick tights...all necessary. I use my space heater in my office year round because it's freezing. Well...on this day it was actually warm in the office. Go figure. I was sweating but it was worth it. The tights don't translate well. They're my polka dot ones. Mixing patterns ladies!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: J Crew (I definitely need more of these! So soft and comfy.)
Skirt: J Crew
Tights: Target
Booties: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole

Braxton matched my outfit so he needed a picture with me. This is typically how we spend the first 10 mins or so after I get home from work. It's snuggle time!

I'm trying to get better about taking pictures of my weekend and casual outfits. I managed to remember to snap a couple of my outfit on Saturday. I ran a few errands and then returned to my sweatpants. It was icy and cold outside. Sweats are totally acceptable in that circumstance! Notice I didn't bother to do my hair. Again, it was cold and I didn't care!

Sweater: Express
Shirt: Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Socks: American Eagle
Boots: Ugg Kensington
Handbag: Big Buddha via Dillard's

I got this sweater on sale after Christmas and I wish I had it in grey and black too. It is so comfortable. I would wear it everyday. Not kidding. I got he J Crew shirt in the first outfit for Christmas along with a navy blue Jackie cardigan. I need more of both of them! They are two of my favorite items in my closet. Right next to this awesome turtleneck sweater.

That's all I have today. I'm too exhausted after my first day of double duty to do anything more than this. Note to self: DO NOT wear your highest heels when you are running all over the building. Next Tuesday I'm wearing flats. The poor feet were on fire and for a brief moment I wondered if they were bleeding. Lesson learned! Happy Wednesday to my lovely Ladies!! I hope you are having a fantastic week!



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