NYE...in photos

Here is my New Years Eve in photos. Enjoy!!!

My horrible wardrobe malfunction. I found it easier to let the lining of the skirt show because then I wouldn't constantly get stuck!

That's a talent right there!


This was the third attempt because I'm apparently too short and needed to take the photo from above my head in order to show them at their best angle. Seriously.

My drink compared to Jank's. Clearly the bartender liked me more, which is why I started ordering all of Jank's drinks.


We put our champagne on ice.

Party Favors!

Perfect Timing!!!

Our maturity level astounds me!

Getting ready for the countdown

I think Ren has pics of me pretending to be a pirate in that hat.

The Pout returns...we haven't seen it since 2007.

Love this shot of Jank!

There you have it. I think Ren has more group shots and I'm sure some highly entertaining shots of me. I'll be sure to share when I get them! I think that's it for my holiday wrap up posts. I'm kind of glad that I'll have a relaxing weekend but I have to say I'm going to miss spending so much time with my family and friends! Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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