Books, Make-up and Cats

My weekend was rather boring. Which is good. I needed it because this weekend is going to be slightly hectic. I finished the book I had been reading. Over the holidays I didn't have much time to read so I was basically just reading during my weekly sessions with my students. That doesn't give me a lot of time. It took me forever to read this book but I'm glad I finally finished it. I really enjoyed it!

I read Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin.


We've discussed my love for Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I have also read Baby Proof. Next on my list of her books is Love The One Your With.

Here is the description of the book from Emily's website:
Tessa Russo is the mother of two young children and the wife of a renowned pediatric surgeon. Despite her mother’s warnings, Tessa has recently given up her career to focus on her family and the pursuit of domestic happiness. From the outside, she seems destined to live a charmed life.
Valerie Anderson is an attorney and single mother to six-year-old Charlie---a boy who has never known his father. After too many disappointments, she has given up on romance---and even, to some degree, friendships---believing that it is always safer not to expect too much.
Although both women live in the same Boston suburb, the two have relatively little in common aside from a fierce love for their children. But one night, a tragic accident causes their lives to converge in ways no one could have imagined.
In alternating, pitch-perfect points of view, Emily Giffin creates a moving, luminous story of good people caught in untenable circumstances. Each being tested in ways they never thought possible. Each questioning everything they once believed. And each ultimately discovering what truly matters most.

If you want to read the book don't read my following statement because I give away some things. If you've read any of her other books you'll probably figure out where this story line is going. I found myself wanting Nick to be with Valerie. I don't know why. Maybe, it was because I desperately wanted Charlie to have some normalcy to his life after going through so much. Why would I want a married man to leave his wife and kids?? Seriously, that's not normal. But, Jenn informed me that she felt the same way. So, I guess that is what Ms. Emily was trying for. 

Ok, so all in all...it's a great book. Easy read. I would recommend it!

I went shopping this weekend. My mom had some Christmas returns to make and she had some gift cards to spend. I really wasn't in a shopping kind of mood. But, I did manage to buy this new make-up brush from Sephora.

This is the Classic Mineral Powder Brush #45. I needed something to apply the Make-Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder I bought I few weeks ago.

I looked at several brushes but in the end I settled on that one. In the store, they list it as their most popular brush so I figured it was a good place to start. I've only used it once but I'll report back soon. Also, I bought the travel size of the powder. The container is kind of small so I'm having trouble with the application. Basically, there generally isn't enough powder in the container to cover the brush. I'm going to have to play around with this a bit more. For now, I'm just ehh about the powder. I don't really see a huge difference from the $9 Sephora brand powder I had been using but I have a feeling it's due to the application issues. Now that I have a decent brush maybe things will get better. I'll let you know!

Braxton had a play date with his brother Lou yesterday. It was hilarious. They played sooooo hard. He basically crashed the rest of the evening which means he was up around midnight. Ready to go. Mama didn't feel the same. I had a pretty poor nights sleep last night. Which is why I'll probably have to hit up Starbucks in order to make it through my meeting this afternoon!

This full work week is kind of lame! Thankfully, next week is short again! I hope you all have a lovely Monday!



  1. Does this make us a two cat ladies? If so, I like it :)

  2. I have the same brush. yay. great minds. lol. loved this post. happy you got a chill weekend before the madness. xo