My Golden Globes Faves and not so much

I'm a day late but I decided to totally disconnect yesterday. I didn't get on my computer until right before The Bachelor started. I just hung out with Braxton all day. I feel like I have been fighting a head cold for weeks. So, a day of relaxation with my boy was just what I needed.

I'm going to break down my favorites and not so favorite looks for the Golden Globes red carpet. Awards season is probably my favorite time of the year. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season holds. Just so you know I was looking forward to seeing Charlize, Lea, Sofia, Michelle, Zooey and Emma.

All photos came from Just Jared.

These five ladies are my favorites of the night. If I had to pick one it would be Charlize. I think she nailed it. It seemed effortless. Let's be serious...Kate and Sophia are freaking gorgeous! Sohpia really knows how to dress for her body. That Vera Wang hugs every single curve perfectly. I think Claire's dress is stunning. The back is fantastic. Ok, Jessica Alba...2 kids and you look like that. I hope I can pull that off when my day comes. She deserves a round of applause.

These 4 are my runner ups. Emma's convo with Ryan Seacrest made me love this dress more. I believe she said something like "...and I have an eagle belt so that's awesome." Nicole said her dress was heavy but she is wearing it very well. I just love Reese and Selma.

These are the ladies that I didn't hate. I wasn't DYING for them but I definitely liked them. I'm happy that Nicole Kidman FINALLY wore a dress that I didn't despise. I could do without Michelle's headband. It seems juvenile. Frieda looks like a princess. She said the dress was "fuss free". I think if I had to do a red carpet, I would go with a "fuss free" option. You want to be at least a little bit comfortable during the show. I applaud Paula Patton for wearing such a bold color. With a sea of nude colors, it was a nice change of pace.

Young Hollywood nailed it. Sarah Hyland even avoided a wardrobe malfunction and was sewn into her dress. She didn't let it keep her down! Shailene looks gorgeous but still age appropriate. And Ariel is down right adorable! How cute is she in this little Dolce and Gabbana number??

Ok...I know some of you might not agree with these choices but that's fine. Just my opinion. We all have one. Sarah Michelle Gellar shouldn't let her 2 year old pick out your dress. I guess that's her excuse for being on the worst dressed list?! Ok, this is the one people may not agree with...Angelina Jolie. I don't really like it. Her boobs are pointy. She kind of seems robot like. Her interview with Ryan Seacrest was blah. And why does she have a weird accent? I'm kind of over Hollywood adapting strange British accents...I'm looking at you Madonna. You're from Michigan. Speaking of...next time let's choose a dress that isn't asking for a nip slip, ok?! I think Natalie Portman looks like she is wearing a bridesmaid dress. I loved her last season. I usually really like her choices but this isn't flattering...AT ALL.

The Glee ladies look like they are trying a bit too hard. I DON'T like Lea's hair. I wouldn't say they were the worst dressed but they weren't great. Lea usually kills it.

What did you think of the red carpet? I think overall it was really great! Also, an Honorable Mention goes out to Giuliana Rancic. I loved both of her gowns. She is such an inspiration and she worked the carpet. Well done Giuliana. Who were your faves and who fell to the bottom of your list?

Happy Tuesday Dolls! I just want to say that 1 month from today I will be leaving for KEY WEST!!! I think I can officially start counting down!



  1. Charlize's dress was dashing, and her headband made everything come together so well! Also loved listening to Emma and Ryan's convo haha, and I agree about the Glee girls! Expected more from Miss Lea!

  2. I missed the show this year but looking back online on all the dress, they are def. gorgeous. I don't have a fave as there are so many but I def. think SMG's dress is awful! She usually has great fashion senses too.