Friday Favorites

I didn't post yesterday. I had zero creativity. I knew my workload was going to double when I agreed to do this but I didn't realize how exhausted I would be. I'm trying to listen to my body and not over do it. (I don't need to over work myself and have a mono relapse!) So, Wednesday night I sat on the couch and snuggled with Brax before going to bed relatively early. I just needed to disconnect. But, I'm back and I'm giving you a jam packed Friday Favorites today!

My cousin Jess is an Arbonne consultant. She gave me a sample of this fabulous FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme. My hands have been incredibly dry this Winter and this seems to be the only thing that is helping. So, I have ordered two bottles and the foot cream is on sale so might as well get that too, right?!

I have been getting split ends lately. I think it's because I was cutting my hair every 3-5 weeks and now I'm not because I'm growing it out. I grabbed this Organix Anti-Breakage Serum on a whim over the weekend. I can't say whether or not it's helping with the breakage yet. But, I can tell you my hair is so freaking soft and smooth. I'm loving it already.

I'm attempting to drink more tea. I love Lipton's Green Tea with Citrus. I buy bottles at work all the time and sometimes buy the gallon jug. I'm not much of a hot tea drinker but I thought this Mixed Berry Green Tea looked delicious. I have to say it's pretty good. I think my water/tea ratio wasn't right because it was a little watery. Trial and error...I'll get it eventually!

I pinned this yesterday after reading it on D.O.N. I had 55 repins in 20 minutes. It made me so excited! Seriously, it's all about the little things! What can I say, I'm easily amused! Jenn and I have plans to see The Vow in 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited about it!

Well, as you read this I am sitting in silence, reading on my Kindle and proctoring exams for hours on end. For once, I'm actually excited about this. Doing nothing sounds awesome. I cannot be nagged by grown men fighting over speaking dates like they are fighting over the swings on the playground. Not kidding, this is what I'm dealing with now. I'll stick with my Type A overachieving medical students...thanks! At least I get to look forward to a shopping day with the bestie afterwards. It will be awesome for sure! I'll post my purchases on Monday.

Have a great weekend Dolls!!


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