Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites this week have put me in a tropical state of mind. My Key West trip has come together this week. There were a few bumps in the road and I'm glad to have my accommodations booked and I will be booking my flight next week. So, February 17th CANNOT come soon enough.

One of my "bucket list" things is to get my picture taken here. It will also knock something off of my 30 by 30 list. So, that's happening.

Why, hello paradise! I plan to sit in that lovely sand for days on end. A cocktail in one hand, my kindle in the other with a large floppy hat. Are you getting the mental image yet?!

My dad has a t-shirt from here. There are a few other restaurants I plan to scope out.

Do any of you have Winter vacation plans? I love nothing more than getting out of Ohio for a warmer climate during the dreary Winter months. Especially February/March. I feel like time stands still and we haven't seen the sun in a year. Well Happy Friday Dolls! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I'm going to try to relax a little bit because next weekend will be crazy. It's Bachelorette Party time!!


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  1. Lindsey! I am going to Key West on Feb. 20th! Where are you staying? Also, flights from Cleve and nearby airports have been HORRIFICALLY priced. We're considering renting a car instead and driving down. Unfortunately my computer blocks your blog pics so I can't see what you posted, but I can imagine the beauty in my head :-) Hope you have a great time at the wedding!!!