DIY and a fab new purchase!

I finally completed a DIY that I found on Pinterest. It's about freaking time! I pin all of the time and have every intention to do something and it never happens.

I used this website as my guide. They were pretty easy to do. It just took a few minutes to get the hang of it. The hardest part was having a kitten attacking the strings as I was trying to do it! As you can see I used a bead for my clasp. We had some cute beads that would work and I didn't feel like digging thru the garage for a hex nut.

Next up, my new purchase. Several of my co-workers said that I should watch my back because they want to steal it! You know it's a great purchase when other people want it! I got this Big Buddha handbag at Dillard's for $24! Seriously, I was so excited. I snatched it up so quickly.

The sides and back are also black. It has so many pockets and tons of room. You can see everything in the bag which is a huge selling point for me. I hate to dig for my keys, etc. So, when I find a bag with many pockets, lots of room to pull it open or a key fob, I'm sold!

What are your thoughts on my DIY? Have any of you ever completed something you pinned on Pinterest?! I would love to hear about it! Well, the week is almost over ladies!!


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