Shopping Round Up...

Here are the pictures from the shopping trip with my bestie. I know you've been dying to see them. Ha! Just a warning, I forgot to get a pic of my adorable new beach hat. I know you're probably worried about that. :)You can see it in this picture. I'm so excited about it! The bow is adorable. If I don't mention where the items are from that's because they are from Forever 21. It's my go to for cute trendy items. What can I say, I love the deals! On to the rest of my purchases...

I don't know if Dillard's is still having their sale but they had 30% off of any already reduced item and they had my fav tights on sale so I bought three pairs. I almost wish I had gotten more because they were only $5.60 a piece! I don't know if you can tell what colors they are so...I got plum, navy and a ribbed black. So happy for some new tights!

This dress is for the welcome dinner on Saturday night in Key West. It's shocking to find a maxi that fits my 4'11" self. So the fact that I don't need to wear 4 inch heels with this and can actually wear flats if I want to is probably my favorite part!

How cute does the belt look around it?! I bought the pink earrings above to wear with it. I'm getting more excited by the minute for this vacation!

FINALLY...I found a faux leather jacket I like! This actually looks cute over my maxi too! Plus the $34 price tag didn't break the bank. They had so many cute ones in several colors but I wanted black.

BOGO at Payless. I needed some flats for the late night dancing on the boat after the wedding. These are PERFECT. Because of the bogo I ended up these...

Christian Siriano for Payless. They are so comfortable. They came out on Friday and I snatched these puppies up. Don't worry I wore open toes to work yesterday. I don't even care. It was 50 degrees in Ohio at the end of January. Oh and they were only $32.99. Ridiculous, right?!?! I want to see more of his shoes because I might have a new favorite brand!

Let's hope I can keep my head on straight during this crazy busy Tuesday!



Weekends are too short...

I could have used one more day this weekend. I had so much I wanted to do and only got part of it accomplished. I went shopping on Friday with the bestie. I was going to post my purchases but my camera battery died and I didn't realize it until late last night, so you'll get that tomorrow. If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw this preview. 

I got busy on one of my 30 by 30 tasks...cleaning out my closet. I promised myself I would do this on the reg so this is the first step! Here is a pic of the insanity about mid way thru. When I clean my closet, I REALLY clean it. I got rid of a bag of shoes and several bags of clothes. It's nuts. But, my closet is still crammed full. I don't know what to do about this. Also, I didn't even touch my dresser. It scares me more than the closet. 

See that white basket in the corner. I have those lining my upper shelves and I have to say they are fantastic! I got a pack of three of them at Ikea for like $12 (I think). Worth every penny! I keep my sweatshirts, handbags, travel bags, etc in them. There is one on the floor that stores my bulky sweaters.

Braxton probably hated me for a short time yesterday. 

His fur was feeling a little dirty. I wanted to give him a bath when he was little so he would hopefully get used to them. He did fairly well. He didn't like standing in the bath so my mom held him while I washed. It was fast and I then I had to swaddle him in towels and hold him for about 30 minutes. My poor little guy was trembling. He doesn't hate me so we're in good shape! He smells so clean now and his fur is so soft! 

Let's get this week started ladies! I'm exhausted and it has just begun! 



Friday Favorites

I didn't post yesterday. I had zero creativity. I knew my workload was going to double when I agreed to do this but I didn't realize how exhausted I would be. I'm trying to listen to my body and not over do it. (I don't need to over work myself and have a mono relapse!) So, Wednesday night I sat on the couch and snuggled with Brax before going to bed relatively early. I just needed to disconnect. But, I'm back and I'm giving you a jam packed Friday Favorites today!

My cousin Jess is an Arbonne consultant. She gave me a sample of this fabulous FC5 Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme. My hands have been incredibly dry this Winter and this seems to be the only thing that is helping. So, I have ordered two bottles and the foot cream is on sale so might as well get that too, right?!

I have been getting split ends lately. I think it's because I was cutting my hair every 3-5 weeks and now I'm not because I'm growing it out. I grabbed this Organix Anti-Breakage Serum on a whim over the weekend. I can't say whether or not it's helping with the breakage yet. But, I can tell you my hair is so freaking soft and smooth. I'm loving it already.

I'm attempting to drink more tea. I love Lipton's Green Tea with Citrus. I buy bottles at work all the time and sometimes buy the gallon jug. I'm not much of a hot tea drinker but I thought this Mixed Berry Green Tea looked delicious. I have to say it's pretty good. I think my water/tea ratio wasn't right because it was a little watery. Trial and error...I'll get it eventually!

I pinned this yesterday after reading it on D.O.N. I had 55 repins in 20 minutes. It made me so excited! Seriously, it's all about the little things! What can I say, I'm easily amused! Jenn and I have plans to see The Vow in 2 weeks. I'm pretty excited about it!

Well, as you read this I am sitting in silence, reading on my Kindle and proctoring exams for hours on end. For once, I'm actually excited about this. Doing nothing sounds awesome. I cannot be nagged by grown men fighting over speaking dates like they are fighting over the swings on the playground. Not kidding, this is what I'm dealing with now. I'll stick with my Type A overachieving medical students...thanks! At least I get to look forward to a shopping day with the bestie afterwards. It will be awesome for sure! I'll post my purchases on Monday.

Have a great weekend Dolls!!



OOTD Catch-Up

I wore this outfit last week. It's totally preppy and I of course love it! It was really cold last week. So, I thought wool skirt, layers, thick tights...all necessary. I use my space heater in my office year round because it's freezing. Well...on this day it was actually warm in the office. Go figure. I was sweating but it was worth it. The tights don't translate well. They're my polka dot ones. Mixing patterns ladies!

Sweater: Ralph Lauren
Shirt: J Crew (I definitely need more of these! So soft and comfy.)
Skirt: J Crew
Tights: Target
Booties: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole

Braxton matched my outfit so he needed a picture with me. This is typically how we spend the first 10 mins or so after I get home from work. It's snuggle time!

I'm trying to get better about taking pictures of my weekend and casual outfits. I managed to remember to snap a couple of my outfit on Saturday. I ran a few errands and then returned to my sweatpants. It was icy and cold outside. Sweats are totally acceptable in that circumstance! Notice I didn't bother to do my hair. Again, it was cold and I didn't care!

Sweater: Express
Shirt: Banana Republic
Skinny Jeans: American Eagle
Socks: American Eagle
Boots: Ugg Kensington
Handbag: Big Buddha via Dillard's

I got this sweater on sale after Christmas and I wish I had it in grey and black too. It is so comfortable. I would wear it everyday. Not kidding. I got he J Crew shirt in the first outfit for Christmas along with a navy blue Jackie cardigan. I need more of both of them! They are two of my favorite items in my closet. Right next to this awesome turtleneck sweater.

That's all I have today. I'm too exhausted after my first day of double duty to do anything more than this. Note to self: DO NOT wear your highest heels when you are running all over the building. Next Tuesday I'm wearing flats. The poor feet were on fire and for a brief moment I wondered if they were bleeding. Lesson learned! Happy Wednesday to my lovely Ladies!! I hope you are having a fantastic week!



Bachelorette Party

Yay! My computer decided to cooperate! Here are the much over due pictures from the future Mrs. bachelorette party. It's hard to believe that Jess and Justin will be married in less than a month!

I walked into the hotel room to find Sarah blowing up the giant penis. Definitely caught me off guard!

Gotta have glow in the dark penis straws. We took them with us to the bars...you'll see that later.

The party favors.

Pecker mints. It's not a party without them.

How hilarious are the sunglasses??

The monogrammed beach hat I got her. If you haven't checked out all of the monogrammed fabulousness on Marley and Lilly then you need to get there ASAP.

Every bride to be needs a pimp cup. It better be jewel encrusted too!

The infamous penis veil that didn't fit. I'm surprised it lasted all night.

Dance. Dance. Dance!

The pimp cup filled to the brim with a Tijuana Tour Bus. I'm surprised she lasted all night after 3 of those.

A Shark Bite fish bowl and penis straws. Typical.

The wiener mobile just happened to be in the next parking lot. Photos needed to happen. (FYI...I'm still finding pink feathers in my car.)

The only way this post could be better is if I had a photo of Jess, Lisa, Erica and Kira walking to the car. It should have been a scene out of a movie. I'm thinking The Hangover meets Bridesmaids. Sarah and I were laughing so hard.

The Bachelorette Party is done. I think the Bachelor Party is this weekend or next. The flights and reservations are booked. Dresses have been purchased. All we need to do is hit the beach for some fun in the sun and one hell of a wedding aboard a fabulous boat!

Happy Tuesday Dolls! My workload doubles as of today. But, I'm happy to do it. My co-worker's last day was yesterday and I'm taking over her duties until they fill the position. It's going to be interesting and I'm sure I will need this vacation more than ever!



When all else fails..PINTEREST.

So, last night I had the intention to upload Bachelorette Party pics. But, my computer thought otherwise. It decided it didn't feel like downloading any pictures off of my camera. Which it turn thoroughly pissed me off. Sometimes I want to throw my laptop out the window. Funny that 20 minutes after I unplugged the camera and gave up it popped up with the Sony Camera window. Efff you laptop! At that point I was just pissed because it started running in recovery mode. I'm pretty sure my desktop from college (ahem...7 years ago) would probably run faster. So, I gave up and did my post this morning. I also might have been really intrigued by Rob Lowe in the Drew Peterson: Untouchable movie on Lifetime.

Ok...after that tangent. Here are some of my latest pins to my "Quotes" board on Pinterest.

Wouldn't this be an adorable engagement pic?? Looking at you Sister!

True Story.

I feel like I play dress up almost EVERYDAY. Which is awesome.

Definitely feel this is true.

How freaking HILARIOUS is this???

Marilyn knew what she was talking about. It's all about a good shoe!

And this makes me think of my upcoming vacation. I'm pretty sure I mention it at least 3 times a week. My apologies! I'm just so excited. I can't really handle it. I haven't had a real vacation in 2 years. It's time!

Let's hope the ol' HP let's me get to work tonight. I turned it off last night. I might have shut it and had words with it because it wouldn't even shut down in a timely fashion. Stupid!

Ok, Happy Monday Ladies! Let's make it a great week!