Weekend Review

I had a pretty great weekend. It was incredibly busy but definitely worth it! I managed to take a few pics of some of my outfits this weekend. I wore my new Uggs all weekend. They couldn't have come at a better time. It got down into the teens at night. I'm so not ready for this cold weather but at least my feet were warm!

Shirt: American Eagle
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny Jeans
Boots: Ugg Kensington
Watch: Anne Klein

This is Saturday's outfit. My mom and I were selling our jewelry at a Holiday Sale at my aunt's salon. We did really well! Definitely made us happy!

Shirt: American Eagle
Cardigan: J Crew
Jeans: American Eagle Skinny Jeans (seriously the best jeans ever! perfect with boots.)
Shoes: Ugg Kensington
Bracelets: Handmade
Scarf: Gift (from Poland)

Julie over at PBFingers posted about this awesome little boy, Max. He is 8 years old and his wish for Christmas is to receive 1 million Christmas cards in the mail. He has leukemia and will not be making it home for Christmas this year. If you would like to help make Max's wish come true send your cards to

Max c/o Hailey Remish
417 Jones Street
Belle Vernon, PA 15012

How cute are the puppies?? Adorable right?! We have a bunch of random cards leftover from over the years and I was hoping I could find one that was somewhat child appropriate. I think this is close enough!

Sunday we had a little get together for my sister and Nik while they were in town. I probably ate half a bag of Candy Cane flavored Hershey's Kisses. We bought them for the event on Saturday and had quite a few left over. My sister informed me the serving size was 9 little kisses so that makes me feel better about eating so many!! We definitely cannot keep these around. I will eat the entire bag in a matter of days.

Also, I decided last night I HAVE to start working out again. I think I'm going to try to do some yoga after work tonight or maybe Jillian's 30 day shred. I've already been up 12 hours when I get home from work and I'm basically an old person because I like to be in bed at 9. Not necessarily going to sleep but I like to have my light off and relaxing. This leaves me 3 hours to eat, blog, workout and shower. Not a lot of time. I prefer a bang for your buck kind of work out. High intensity short amount of time. Then, I can still be ready for bed close to 9. How lame do I sound right now?? I am not a morning person so working out before work is kind of difficult. Plus, this mono thing doesn't help the waking up process! I'll keep you posted on how this goes. I need to get in shape before Key West in Feb...ahhhh!!!!

Happy Monday Ladies! I get my new group of students tomorrow. I hope they're a good group. I really liked the last group so I hope they are as entertaining!


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  1. first, LOVE the new uggs. Second, glad you and your mom did well, and third, do you really go to bed at 9? lol. I'm lucky if I make it to bed by 1. It's horrible. But I totally agree, I'm much more of a work out at night and then pass out type girl. Any extra time in the morning should always be saved for sleeping. lol. thanks for sharing, love. if you get a second I'd love to hear what you think of my latest post featuring Rachel Bilson's amazing shoe collection. xo