I did something crazy...

Meet Braxton! Jenn convinced me that I needed him. He is pretty much THE BOMB. I'm obsessed with him already and I got him at noon on Saturday. I'm covered in scratches but it's ok. One of my oldest friends is a vet so I've already given her the rundown!

He LOVES to snuggle. I kind of love it. He is also incredibly playful which is so funny to watch.

Coop is over him already. Braxton is still a little hesitant about this huge black thing that barks. He has the quietest little voice so his hiss is hysterical.

2.5 seconds after this picture was taken, he fell asleep sitting up and nearly fell over. Thankfully, I was there to catch him! I love his fluffiness!

Taking a nap on me after I was gone most of the day shopping with my mom. I came home with lots of stuff for him. Including this pretty awesome and sparkly collar! Basically, I need the bell so I can find the little guy when he's roaming around. He is still a little unsure of it but he'll warm up to it. (Side note: as I'm typing this he is attacking his shadow...Hilarious.)

How cute is this???

Jenn has his brother Lou. They're basically BFF's. We're going to have play dates. Does this make me a crazy cat lady??

I have some purchases to show you but I figured this would already be picture heavy and I think Braxton deserves his own post! Be prepared to hear a lot about him now. Also, I think my sister is more excited about coming home to see him than about Christmas.

It's a short week this week which means a 4 day weekend next weekend. So excited!!! Plus we get our holiday lunch this week. YUMM!! Happy Monday dolls!


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