I finally received my new Uggs in the mail yesterday. Oh yeah...I ordered myself a pair of Uggs on Cyber Monday. The website ShoeMetro had them 25%, no shipping, no tax. Seriously??? How could I pass up a deal like that? I had planned to buy the boots after Christmas with any money I receive. But, I doubt I find another deal like that. Uggs rarely are included on those sales so I think I hit the jackpot!

Let me introduce you to my new Kensington Boots. They're the toast color. (Ignore my messy bed.)

They will be fabulous in the cold Ohio weather. I needed them yesterday when it was snowing. Yes, I said snowing. Thankfully, it didn't stick but it was enough to make me realize this mild weather is probably over and we're about to embark upon the most dreaded time of the year. I was not born to live in a cold climate. I think I'm a Cali girl at heart!

It's my last "real" work day this week! I'll be proctoring exams all day on Friday. So, I'll most definitely be wearing these with my fav AE Skinny Jeans. I LOVE the days when I can dress casually. Happy Thursday Dolls!



  1. I completely agree, casual days are the best. It feels like you're not even at work!! Cute boots, love the silver buckles.