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This week I chose Katie Holmes. Basically, I've been reading Suri's Burn Book tumbler and I decided to showcase Suri's mom. Plus, when I think of Katie Holmes, I think of Joey Potter and I get incredibly nostalgic. I watched the series finale of Dawson's while sitting in my dorm room Sophomore year with 5 of my girlfriends. I feel like I grew up with characters. I was always team Pacey!

Plus she is BFF with Victoria Beckham. They both have amazing clothing lines that are well out of my budget. But, a girl can dream.

All photos came from Celebrity Style Guide.

My go to outfit would be something very similar to the first picture. I want the leather jackets in pictures 2 and 3. I have yet to buy a leather jacket. I need to bite the bullet. I always think I can wear hats, then I try them on and I remember why I don't wear hats. I want nothing more than to be able to pull off the Hurley hat Katie is wearing in the last picture. 

The wash of the jeans in picture #1 is exactly what I'm looking for. Loving both of the tie neck blouses she's wearing. My boyfriend jeans are my favorite. Maybe I need to pull them out and pair them with an adorable cardigan like she is wearing in picture #4.

I think I'm going to do a play on the white sweater, skinny jeans and boots for Christmas at my Grandparents house this year. I have been wearing my skinny jeans with my booties for a few weeks and I think I can find at least 6 1 sweater or cardigan to belt. Are there any outfits you would like to make your own?  I would love to see them!

Today is my office holiday lunch which means I won't be getting very much accomplished in the office. Darn! Hopefully, I can be busy enough tomorrow that the day flies by and I can get home to enjoy my 4 day weekend!! Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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