Fashion Favorites

This weeks Fashion Favorite is Blake Lively. I think she's such a natural beauty. And she has legs for days. A girl can dream! Let's dig in, shall we?

Once again all the photos came from Celebrity Style Guide

Penn might be her best accessory in the first picture but a close second is that adorable little mini. Can I get the white ensemble for the beach? 

Basically, let's put every.single item of clothing in these pictures in my closet. I don't know if I can pull of the pink pants but I'm willing try! Blake is pretty much 10 ft tall in the electric blue pants! I might replicate outfit #2 this wknd. Stay tuned on that one.

We have to include a few red carpet looks. Would it be totally insane for me to wear the last look to work?? I mean I can pair it with some girly tights? No. Too Much? I would def wear the light blue dress to work for sure. If that camel jacket ended up in my closet, I wouldn't hate it! 

What are you thoughts on Blake Lively? I remember seeing her in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She was so fresh faced and young. Now she is basically a fashion icon. Being a leading lady on Gossip Girl doesn't hurt! What girl in America would not want to spend a day as Sabrina?

Well Happy Wednesday Ladies! The week is half over already! 
Sidenote: I dozed off for about 30 seconds while proctoring the written exam yesterday. Seriously. That happened. Ugh. I then started texting anyone that I thought might respond to wake me up. I think I get employee of the day award for that one. 



  1. If there's one celebrity I want to be, it's Blake. Loveee her style, both on Gossip Girl and in real life :)

  2. She is gorgeous!! I love how she styles a lot of her looks. You picked some of my faves!! I'm having an accessory giveaway on my blog today, I hope you'll stop by and check it out!

  3. I do think Blake Lively makes amazing fashion decisions. But I am much more of a fan of Leighton Mester.

  4. I went back and forth between Leighton and Blake for this post because I love them both!