Christmas...THE FOOD!!

I made a delicious little treat for Christmas. I had hoped to make a red velvet cake roll with peppermint cream cheese icing. That did not exactly work out.

I baked the red velvet cake and rolled it based on my pumpkin roll recipe. Hindsight is 20/20. I should have followed the directions on the red velvet recipe because apparently the cake was much softer than my pumpkin roll recipe. This happened....

Yeah. To say I wasn't happy would be an understatement. Of course it was the day of Christmas #1 and I didn't have time to bake a new one. I was making two of them so I decided to make a double batch of the peppermint cream cheese filling. Again, poor choice. The ol' KitchenAid got a workout.

There was a bit of a powdered sugar incident.

As you can see, the counter and the floor were not the only places that got a dusting.

I topped the cake with this. Seriously, I have been snacking on these little peppermint pieces for days. DELICIOUS. Since the cake was destroyed and could not be rolled. I decided to cut it into slices and make a layer cake. It might not be as pretty but it still tasted delicious!

If I were to attempt this again, I would just bake the cake in a cookie sheet like I did for the roll but I would let it cool and then just cut it in slices so all of the layers are even. For the cream cheese filling, just substitute peppermint extract for vanilla extract. Super easy and it was a hit with both groups. My aunt actually told me I need to open a bakery!

I also made my homemade Mac and Cheese for Christmas #2. It's basically my go to recipe and it's so easy. Definitely a crowd pleaser. My mom found a recipe for snickerdoodle muffins on Pinterest. I have to say...they're the BOMB. I will have to find the recipe for all of you.

Did anyone else have a food fail this weekend? I really hate when that happens but I'm glad I could bounce back and (in the words of Tim Gunn) make it work. Fashion Favorites will return next week. I just had too much to post this week! Happy Wednesday Dolls!


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  1. it tasted delicious! Thanks for my chunk. My family and I love it!