A Christmas Story

Every year at this time I think of this story. I'm pretty sure we discuss it every Christmas Eve when we're celebrating with my dad's family. It's probably one of the most traumatizing (not sure if I like that word but you get the point) events of my childhood. How many of you remember getting the Toys R Us Big Book catalog as a child? It was pretty much the highlight of my year. Every year my brother, sister and I would sit down with a pen and circle everything we wanted and then fold the corner of the page down so our parents could easily see what we wanted. Background info: My siblings and I are all 3 years apart. So, if I couldn't be the convincing older sibling with my maturity and persuasion skills (HA!), we could always send the baby sister in for that innocent little look that always seemed to get her way. We used Ty for the middle child/only boy card. We knew how to work our parents. Lauren was the closer if we wanted my dad to get out of bed to buy us donuts!

For several years we asked for the Fisher Price 3-in-1 Tournament Table. You know what I'm talking about...

(Looking at it now...it's not as glorious as I remember it being.)

We would circle that thing with marker. Leave the book open on the kitchen table so our parents were sure to see it. We did everything in our power to make sure we got that table. The year of the infamous 3-in-1 Tournament Table Fiasco there were coupons for it in the Big Book. Of course, we made sure to point that out. Hello...maybe that was enough incentive to bite the bullet and buy it, right?? Well, I would periodically check the book to see if the coupon was gone. I'm pretty sure I was around the age of 8 or 9 when this went down. One glorious day, I opened the Big Book and the coupon was gone!! I freaked out. Ran into my brother's room to tell him. We were all jumping up and down because we knew we were finally getting it! Oh my gosh we were so excited. I seriously cannot find the words to describe this. Looking back on it, I have no idea where we would keep the thing. This is before we built our new house and things were cramped.

Christmas morning comes and let me tell you, we were ready! We knew it was going to be so exciting to finally open it. We didn't see anything that large under the tree but we figured it was probably in the garage or something. The opening of the presents is over and no table. WTF?! (I'm sure that's what I thought at the ripe old age of 9.) I ask my parents what is going on and they said, we didn't buy you that. I freak out, grab the book and say, "look the coupon is GONE!" Turns out, my mom gave the coupon to my aunt and my cousins Jess and Sarah got the table and we didn't. DEVASTATING. Can you imagine how let down we were?

I'm pretty sure I gave my mom an ear full about how she shouldn't have taken the coupon out of the book when she knew how badly we wanted it. A few years later, we got an air hockey table. I think it was my parent's way of trying to make up for it but it just wasn't the same.

A couple of years ago, we really wanted a Wii. My sister wouldn't stop talking about it. She kept going on and on about how she knew we were getting it. I told her, it could be another tournament table situation and you don't want to be devastated again. Well, after Christmas there was no Wii. She was pissed. Then, my dad thinking he is so sly, puts a box under the tree after we all retreated back to our bedrooms. We came out to eat breakfast and he said something along the lines of, "I think you forgot a present". Come on dad, we know what you're up to. We knew it was a Wii but my sister was thrilled and she yelled, "it isn't another tournament table fiasco!!"

We're basically scarred for life. You better believe when I have kids, I will be smarter than my parents when it comes to Toys R Us coupons! If any of you have a similar story, I would love to hear it!!


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